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Originator(s)China/Fumio Maekawa/AHS/Walek 2009

Originplantaginea sport

Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width 

Leaf length x width27x19 cm (11x7 in.)

Vein pairs10-11

Leaf colorgreen


Leafshiny, cordate



Scape height80 cm (31 in.)


Flower length12 cm (4.7 in.)

Fragrantvery fragrant

Flowering periodAugust





Info=plantaginea 'Aphrodite'.
=plantaginea var. plena.
=plantaginea 'Flora Plena'.
Cultivated in China for over 150 years.
20" tall. Sun to Light Shade. Glossy green cordate leaves. Lots of water and humidity.
Grown for its very fragrant, 5" long, DOUBLE flowers.
Here is a hosta surrounded by a shroud of confusion. The original plant was discovered in China, then imported by a few gardeners into the US. Unfortunately, many of the tissue cultured plants subsequently propagated had either single or doubly double flowers (a poor culling job).
In gardens with moist soils, warm summer days and cool summer nights , the glossy green leaved clumps are topped in late August with 30" tall spikes of exquisite double white, exceedingly fragrant flowers. In other areas, the buds blast just prior to opening.
The double-flowering form of the species; extra petals create the effect of double flowers. The foliage and mound habits are the same as the species.
Double flowered form of H. plantaginea. Has the same glossy green leaves as the species. Very large double white flowers.
Rare, double flower. At least 12 petals per flower.
This beautiful plant has medium green glossy leaves. The pure white, double blooms are born on short stems and highly fragrant! Sun!
Medium large plant, long known in China, extra petals create attractive double flower effect, white flowers very fragrant.
This is the double flowered form of plantaginea. Astounding beauty! Huge white double flowers in late August . . . and very fragrant too.

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