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Originator(s)Walters Gardens 1997

Origin'Hadspen Blue' sport

Size categorysmall - medium

Plant height x width35x55 cm (14x22 in.)

Leaf length x width19x13 cm (7x5 in.)

Vein pairs11-13

Leaf colorblue-green,creamy white edge


Leafcorrugated, bovate



Scape height45 cm (18 in.)

Flowerpale lavender,white edged,tubular

Flower length4.5 cm (1.8 in.)


Flowering periodJuly - August





InfoPP11286 (14/3/2000).
Nice but slow.
Attractive hosta, doesn't perform well in the garden.
Powder blue with a wide creamy margin, lightening to white with time.
Heart shaped leaves and lavender flowers. Slow grower.
A creamy white edge sport of the wonderful H. 'Hadspen Blue'. With the same thick powder blue corrugated leaves and growth habit of its parent.
In late summer, the 18" wide clump is topped with 16" scapes of pale lavender flowers.
The creamy-margined form of H. 'Hadspen Blue'.
Powder blue leaves with a cream to white margin, a very impressive plant with all the right characteristics; lavender flowers.
A Walters Gardens, Inc. introduction.
A cream margined sport of H. 'Hadspen Blue'. Very nice heart-shaped, smooth powder-blue leaves with a wide creamy-yellow margin lightening to a creamy white or white. Flowers are light lavender in mid-summer on 18-22" scapes. Height is 14-16 inches.
Medium size, cream margined sport of 'Hadspen Blue'. Heart shaped, powder blue leaves with a wide creamy margin. Light lavendar flowers midsummer.
Heart. shaped blue leaves with wide cream margin.

Sports'Aristocrat streaked' sport/os

Progeny'Allegro' seedling