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HostaAugust Moon


Originator(s)Richard Langfelder/Alex Summers 1968/Pete Ruh 1996

Originsieboldiana hybrid

Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width60x110 cm (24x43 in.)

Leaf length x width23x20 cm (9x8 in.)

Vein pairs10-11

Leaf colorchartreuse>golden yellow


Leafgood, corrugated, a bit wavy, nround rounded



Scape height65 cm (26 in.)


Flower length2.5 cm (1 in.)


Flowering periodJuly - August





Info="Golden Sieboldiana".
Was found by Alex Summers in the Langfelder garden, N.Y. in 1964. It was named by Alex. Later the same hosta was also found in the garden of David Stone, Connecticut. It was labeled the "Golden Sieboldiana".
Yellow, round, cordate, cupped, rugose leaves, 6" x 5".
28" scape with white flowers.
Leaves in the spring are greenish-yellow and mature to a glowing gold. 25-75% shade.
This award winner has uniformly crinkled green gold leaves becoming harvest gold as summer progresses. Can tolerate the sun. Very dense circular mound with large round seer-suckered leaves. A very robust grower. (Plant 30x20)
Forms an impressive mound of large, rounded, heavily puckered yellow leaves. Probably a sieboldiana hybrid. Bright light gives the best color. White flowers.
Large, rounded, seer-suckered, golden leaves that stay attractive all summer. White flowers with a touch of pale lavender on 28-32" scapes late July-mid-August. American Hosta Society President's Exhibitor Trophy. M-D.
A truly lutescent hosta. Round cupped leaves (6"x5") unfurl in the spring a vivid chartreuse. During summer these thick leaves turn a golden color that will brighten any dark corner. Not just for shade, their best color is displayed when given some sun. Several plants together in a natural drift are spectacular. This growers pick as one of the best. 20"x30". Blooms white. Shade to 3/4 sun. Growth rapid.
Medium-large, yellow leaf holds until frost.
Vigorous grower with white flowers.
The large, round, lime-gold foliage on this plant is nicely textured. A classic! Soft lavender flowers.
Puckered gold leaves. A fast grower perfectly suited for mass planting. Its near. white flowers appear in June.
Large chartreuse to pale green leaves. Often called a"Golden Sieboldiana" which it is not. Leaves in spring are rugose and turning greenish-yellow in summer.

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'Dark Moon' sport/gy
'Dianne' sport/o
'Dusty Moon' sport/yy
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'Randy Rachel' sport/yc
'Richland Mayan Moon' sport/gy
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