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HostaBig Daddy


Originator(s)Florence Shaw/Paul Aden 1978

Originsieboldiana x 'Tokudama'

Size categoryvery large

Plant height x width60x160 cm (24x63 in.)

Leaf length x width38x36 cm (15x14 in.)

Vein pairs16-17

Leaf colorblue-green


Leafround, cupped, very corrugated



Scape height80 cm (31 in.)

Flowernear white,bell

Flower length 


Flowering periodJune - July





InfoChalky-blue leaves that are rounded, cupped and puckered at maturity; white flowers. Compact growing habit and compliments gold plants well.
Round, deep blue leaves, cupped and heavily puckered. Very impressive in a mature clump. White flowers.
Large blue/gray leaves, are somewhat cupped. Short lavender blooms. 50 - 90 % shade.
Large plant, corrugated deep blue-green foliage, near white flowers in July and August, slug resistant.
One of the 5 best blues in our gardens! Makes a compact specimen anywhere.
A must for every garden!

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'Sugar Mama' sport/cg

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