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HostaBlue Angel


Originator(s)Florence Shaw/Paul Aden 1986

Origin'Aden 365' x 'Aden 361'


Size categorygigantic

Plant height x width90x200 cm (35x79 in.)

Leaf length x width45x30 cm (18x12 in.)

Vein pairs12

Leaf colorblue





Scape height120 cm (47 in.)

Flowerglossy white

Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly





30" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade. Massive flowers.
A vase shaped plant with blue green leaves covered with a heavy bloom. Heavy substance. Petioles upright with leaves horizontal. Glossy white flowers on 48" scapes are densely packed to resemble a hyacinth. Will grow in near full shade.
Huge, very blue leaves. Near white flowers. Emerges early in Spring.
This is the largest of the blue hostas, making a clump 6' wide (when grown well). The large pointed blue leaves adorn the clump perfectly. In late spring, the giant clump is topped with nice near white flower clusters on 48" scapes... fantastic!
Large heavy-textured blue leaves form a clump that commands attention.
Large, heavy textured blue leaves. The flowers hug close to the top of the leaves. This plant shows off the classic 'big blue' stance. (Plant 48x50)
Huge, deep blue leaves, deeply veined but not puckered.  One of the largest blues available, and since it multiplies more rapidly than most of the large blue hostas, it reaches significant size without the long wait.  White flowers.
There are a great many large blue cultivars, some say too many. This one has large, heart-shaped leaves, not puckered but nicely veined. Flowers are white. It is probably of sieboldiana lineage, but seems to be faster growing and less crinkled than most of the sieboldiana hybrids. It also seems to get larger than most. I have been told of, but have not seen, a single clump that is 10' across. Even if yours doesn't break any records, its likely to be one of the largest Hostas in your garden. If you like the more heavily textured blues, 'Big Daddy' and 'Blue Seer' both have beautifully puckered and cupped leaves, but are not so large and are slower growing.
Blue green leaves with heavy substance. Petioles stand upright with leaves held horizontally and then cascade downward, giving it a tropical look. Hyacinth-like glossy white flowers held attractively above foliage on 48" scapes.
Vivid blue, heavily textured leaves (16" x 13") create a lush look. An ideal background or specimen plant. Dense flowering habit. Impressive when mature. One of the largest of the blues. 48" x 50". Blooms white. Shade to 3/4 sun. Growth slow.
Makes a very large clump, heavy textured large blue leaves with white flowers, lush grower.
Huge, heavily substanced, very blue leaves create a lush look. 1997 Lucille Simpers Award winner. Pale lavender to white flowers.
50 - 90 % shade.
A huge plant with huge leaves that are blue-grey and rather flat, tending to bow slightly downward.
This is probably the largest blue grown--it's evenly textured leaves and white flowers create a magnificent specimen.
Large, heavy textured blue leaves. Light lavender flowers in June. 1991 Eunice Fisher Award, 1990 Lucille Simpers Award.

Sports'American Green Angel' sport/gg
'Angel 13' sport/gg
'Angel Eyes' sport/wb
'Angel Harp Strings' sport/os
'Angel of Beauty' sport/by
'Beckoning' sport/yb
'Blue Angel sport/ye' sport/by
'Blue Angel Streak' sport/os
'Blue Magic' sport/os
'Brian's Angel' sport/gcv
'Chesieres Jasmin's Hope' sport/wb
'Chiemsee Angel' sport/os
'Confused Angel' sport/os
'Devil's Advocate' sport/bg
'Dream Maker' sport/os
'Duke of Cornwall' sport/bc
'Earth Angel' sport/bw
'Firefighter's Angel' sport/gg
'Green Angel' sport/gg
'Grey Ghost' sport/bb
'Guardian Angel' sport/wb
'Kiwi Ingenuity' sport/os
'Kiwi Lemon Twist' sport/yg
'Otara's Angel' sport/bc
'Something Special' sport/os
'White Angel' sport/wb
'White Angel streak' sport/os

Progeny'Bailey's Cream' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Big Mama' = 'Blue Tiers' x PP
'Shenandoah Abbey' hybrid
'Sky Kissed' = sieboldiana 'Elegans' x PP