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HostaBlue Umbrellas


Originator(s)Florence Shaw/Paul Aden 1978

Origin'Tokudama' x sieboldiana 'Elegans'


Size categorygigantic

Plant height x width90x140 cm (35x55 in.)

Leaf length x width35x25 cm (14x10 in.)

Vein pairs16-18

Leaf colorblue>dark green





Scape height90 cm (35 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly - August





Info30" tall. Light Shade.
Blue leaves turn to bright green. Plant makes an interesting horizontal canopy, hence the name. White flowers in July. This large hosta is destined for greatness as one of the best giant blues. The 4'+ clump of shiny blue green leaves has been recognized around the world as one of the best...the clump is topped with pale lavender flowers in early summer on 32" scapes...a MUST in the hosta garden.
Giant blue to blue-green leaves with a wax-like appearance; near white flowers. 50 - 90 % shade.
Large blue-green leaves are beautifully textured, heavily ribbed but not puckered. Leaf edges tend to curve downward, umbrella-like. Forms a large, symmetrical mound, an excellent specimen plant. White flowers.
Very distinctive. Huge mound of umbrella-like leaves. Starts bluish-green early, gradually changing to dark green by early summer. Nice, thick substance. Pale lavender flowers in June and July. 36" scapes.
Oval textured satin blue leaves (13" x 10") develop in an erect horizontal pattern giving the appearance of umbrellas. Excellent specimen plant when mature. Develops a thick tiered mound. Slug resistant. 36" x 48". Blooms white. Shade to 1/2 sun. Growth average to slow.
An award winner! This striking Hosta has large blue/green leaves that overlap in tiered large mound. Gets attention!
Large blue leaves with heavy substance. An excellent specimen plant. Near-white flowers.

Sports'Blue Lightning' sport/os
'Blue Umbrellas streaked' sport/o
'Dancing in the Rain' sport/wg
'Downpour' sport/yb
'Eminent Domain' sport/
'Parasol' sport/gy
'Rain Dancer' sport/by
'Singing in the Rain' sport/bc
'Wet Umbrellas' sport/o

Progeny'Big B' seedling
'Big Bloomers' = PP x plantaginea
'Blazing Saddles' = (x 'Beatrice') x PP
'Bob' = PP x plantaginea
'Hulkster' seedling
'King Tucker' = PP x montana 'Aureomarginata'
'Potomac Pride' = PP x 'Treasure Island'
'Sombrero' = PP x plantaginea
'Tall, Dark, and Handsome' = ('Niagara Falls' x 'Grand Canyon') x PP