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HostaCheatin Heart


Originator(s)Bill Zumbar 1995

Origin"Subcrocea cross F2" x 'Birchwood Gem'

Size categorymini

Plant height x width20x45 cm (8x18 in.)

Leaf length x width10x8 cm (4x3 in.)

Vein pairs6

Leaf colorchartreuse>golden yellow


Leafa bit wavy



Scape height45 cm (18 in.)

Flowerpale purple

Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly





Info6" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
Gold heart shaped leaves form a small tight clump. Slightly wavy edges. Rapid increaser. Good for borders. Pinkish flowers.
This small hosta from Bill Zumbar is our smallest gold leaf hosta. H. 'Cheatin Heart' has bright gold heart shaped leaves with a slight wave. In early summer, the 1' wide clumps are topped with 8" spikes of light lavender flowers....perfect for the small garden where space is at a premium!
A small plant of good substance, has golden wavy leaves w/red speckling up the petioles and scapes; lavender flowers.
A fairly new mini with small gold, heart-shaped leaves. Forms a tight little mound with interesting form and good color. Excellent rock garden plant.
Flowers are lavender pink.
The small, golden, wavy leaves form a tight clump. Lavender flowers.
Cheatin Heart is a miniature mound of deep gold leaves that have a slightly wavy margin. Light purple blooms on 7" scapes in July. Will grow to 6 inches in diameter and 2 inches high.

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