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HostaDrawn Butter


Originator(s)Belle Gardens 1994

Origin'Whoopee' hybrid

Size categorysmall

Plant height x width43x65 cm (17x26 in.)

Leaf length x width14x6 cm (6x2 in.)

Vein pairs6

Leaf colorgreenish-yellow>golden yellow


Leafgood, shiny below, lance-shaped


Scapedark maroon

Scape height55 cm (22 in.)

Flowerpale purple,tubular

Flower length5 cm (2 in.)


Flowering periodJuly - August





InfoDrawn Butter was hybridized and registered by Nancy Krul of Belle Gardens.
It has medium rich dark gold leaves with lightly rippled margin. Leaves are 2.75 inches
wide and 5.4 inches long with 6 pairs of moderately prominent veins.
Will grow to 25 inches in diameter and 17 inches high.
Scapes are dark maroon and 22 inches tall with long pale purple blooms.
Semi-shiny leaves start out greenish-gold and change to a rich deep golden color, they have good substance, a rippled margin and are slightly wavy. Pale purple flowers are held on scapes about the semi-upright clump.
We generally avoid yellow and gold Hosta, but every once in a while one has enough merit to be offered. Plant starts out with greenish-gold leaves in the spring, but soon becomes a beautiful deep golden color. Add good substance, a rippled margin, and a semi-gloss surface and you get the idea that this one is a winner.