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HostaElvis Lives


Originator(s)Tony Avent 1995

Origin'Peter Pan' x 'Green Fountain'

Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width64x122 cm (25x48 in.)

Leaf length x width28x11 cm (11x4 in.)

Vein pairs 

Leaf colorblue





Scape height 


Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly





Info18" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
Wavy, tapered blue suede leaves.
Medium lavender flowers in spring.
Fountain shaped clump of blue-grey, medium sized leaves.
The popularity of our 1990 cross of H. 'Peter Pan' x H. 'Green Fountain' has skyrocketed. With unique wavy tapered leaves of blue suede, and with H. 'Peter Pan' as a parent, you gotta believe that indeed Elvis Lives! The clump spreads to 36", and is topped with nice medium lavender flowers in early summer.
A nice fountain-shaped plant with blue-green leaves & good substance; lav. flwrs.
Long, narrow blue leaves with wavy edges on long arching petiols. Very unusual form. Lavender flowers.
Long, velvety-blue leaves are held upright with gently wavy edges. Lavender flowers.

Sports'Elvis Lives streaked' sport/os

Progeny'Arctic Blast' = 'Komodo Dragon' x PP
'Atomic Elvis' = 'Atom Smasher' x PP
'Atomic Elvis Green' = 'Atom Smasher' x PP
'Blue Bayou_' = PP x 'Blue Diamond'
'Blue Cascade' = longipes var. latifolia 'Urajiro' x PP
'Blue Lazer' = PP x 'Blue Diamond'
'Caesar Salad' = ('Korean Snow' x 'Maekawa') x PP
'Carrie' = plantaginea x PP
'Childhood Fantasy' = PP x 'Blue Cadet'
'Dancing in the Dark' = 'Venetian Blue' x PP
'Deliverance' = (('Swoosh' x longissima) x 'Red Neck Heaven') x PP
'Echoes' = 'Reptilian' x PP
'Electrocution' = (('Swoosh' x longissima) x 'Red Neck Heaven') x PP
'ELP' = PP x plantaginea
'Elvis on Stage' = PP x 'On Stage'
'First Lady' = (('Swoosh' x longissima) x 'Red Neck Heaven') x PP
'Frenzy' = (('Swoosh' x longissima) x 'Red Neck Heaven') x PP
'Get Nekkid' = PP x 'Treasure Island'
'Graceland' seedling
'Homespun' = 'Fried Green Tomatoes' x PP
'Lisa Marie' = PP x 'Tiny Tears'
'Lost at Sea' hybrid
'Marlu's Carrie Lynn' = 'Little Wonder' x PP
'Marlu's Evelyn Lucile' = 'Little Wonder' x PP
'Marlu's Sandra Jill' = 'Little Wonder' x PP
'Montel' = montana 'Aureomarginata' x PP
'Predetermined' = 'Splish Splash' x PP
'Skinny Dippin' = (('Swoosh' x longissima) x 'Red Neck Heaven') x PP
'Sugar Daddy_' = PP x plantaginea
'Swinger' = (('Swoosh' x longissima) x 'Red Neck Heaven') x PP
'Triangulation' = "seedling PDN 95-349" x PP