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='FRW #383'
=sieboldiana 'Frances Williams'
=sieboldiana 'Yellow Edge'
=sieboldiana aureo-marginata.
Purchased by Mrs. Williams out of a batch of H. sieboldiana seedlings at Bristol Nursery, Connecticut in 1936.
Named by G. W. Robinson of the Oxford Botanical Gardens (1963).
20" tall. Light Shade. 50-90% shade.
This yellow edged sport of H. sieboldiana 'Elegans' is always at the top of the popularity list. The heavily corrugated round blue leaves are edged with a wide golden border. The 3' clumps are topped with white flowers in late spring. In areas of low humidity, or with any sun, the gold margin tends to sun scorch.
Large metallic blue-green, rounded and cupped leaves with an irregular gold edge. Still one of the most planted hostas in the country.
This cultivar reigned as the number one favorite in the AHS popularity poll for many years. Its large, quilted, blue-green leaves are edged with broad bands of cream and gold. (Plant 48x22)
A cultivar of H. sieboldiana, this is one of the most dramatic and popular hostas. Leaves are large, blue-green, and heavily textured, with a wide irregular chartreuse-yellow margin. Leaf margins are subject to burn unless protected from the sun. Slow to increase. Best used as a specimen. White flowers.
Handsome, blue-green sieboldiana-type foliage with wide golden yellow border. An outstanding variety. White flowers attractively displayed just above foliage. American Hosta Society Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award 1986.
Very large cupped blue-green leaves, edged gold, a variegated sieboldiana, beautiful specimen plant, flowers near white.
'Blue Bayou' hybrid
'Blue Lace' selfed
'Blue Saucers' = sieboldiana 'Elegans' x PP
'Blue Steel' selfed
'Blueberry Muffin' = PP x 'Fall Bouquet'
'Bold Edger' = 'Beatrice' x PP
'Breeders Choice' = ('Beatrice' x 'Beatrice') x PP
'Broadway Frances' sport/gy
'Buttercup' selfed
'Celebrity' = 'Beatrice F6' x PP
'Christmas Tree' = "Vaughn 73-2" x PP
'Derek Coxs' selection
'Dorothy Benedict' selfed
'Dorothy's Brother' selfed
'DuPage Delight' sport/yg
'Eleanor J. Reath' = PP x sieboldiana 'Elegans'
'Exuberant' = 'Breeder's Choice' x PP
'Forever Frances' sport/gy
'Formal Attire' = 'Breeder's Choice' x PP
'Forncett Frances' seedling
'Foxy Doxy' = 'William Lachman' x PP
'Frances Williams Baby' selfed
'Frances Williams Squash Edge' sport/gy
'Fringe Benefit' seedling
'Galaxy' = (x 'Beatrice') x PP
'Gentle Giant' seedling
'Golden Circles' sport/gy
'Golden Mammoth' sport/yy
'Golden Nugget' hybrid
'Golden Sunburst' sport/yy
'Great Lakes' seedling
'Green Dragon' selfed
'Green Formal' hybrid
'Green Saucers' = sieboldiana 'Elegans' x PP
'Hadspen Honey' sport/yy
'Helen Doriot ' = PP x sieboldiana 'Elegans'
'Hoarfrost' seedling
'Joybells' = PP x 'Sunlight Sister'
'Julie Morss' hybrid
'Linda Sue' sport/gy
'Mad About Blue' = PP x ('Marilyn' x 'Tardiflora')
'Maple Leaf' sport/gy
'Maui Buttercups' = PP x 'August Moon'
'Maui Yellow Kitten' = sieboldiana 'Elegans' x PP
'Midwest Gold' hybrid
'Mildred Seaver' = 'Breeder's Choice' x PP
'Newborn' sport/gy
'Old Bill' seedling
'Old Hump Back' hybrid
'Pin Stripe' = 'Breeder's Choice' x PP
'Pin Stripe Sister' = 'Breeder's Choice' x PP
'Queen of Islip' sport/yg
'Quilted Skies' = sieboldiana x PP
'Robert Frost' = 'Banana Sundae' x PP
'Roscoe' = sieboldiana 'Elegans' x PP
'Samurai' sport/gy
'Sara's Sensation' sport/gy
'Sea Blue' hybrid
'Sea Foam' hybrid
'Smokerise Frosted Vase' = PP x nigrescens
'Stormy Seas' = PP x ('Marilyn' x 'Tardiflora')
'Sunlight' sport/yy
'Sunny Smiles' = 'Old Gold Edge' x PP
'Susan-elizabeth' sport/gg
'Time Tunnel' sport/gy
'Top Banana' = 'Beatrice' x PP
'William Lachman' = "Vaughn 73-2" x PP
'Witten Lodge' seedling