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HostaGolden Tiara


Originator(s)Bob Savory 1977

Originnakaiana seedling

Size categorysmall - medium

Plant height x width40x100 cm (16x39 in.)

Leaf length x width11x9 cm (4x4 in.)

Vein pairs6-8

Leaf colorgreen,(chartreuse>yellow) edge


Leafovate, shiny below



Scape height 


Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly - reblooms





Info15" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade. AGM.
Small, light green leaves bordered with wide band of yellow. Prolific. Makes an excellent edger and is especially suited for mass plantings. Medium lavender flowers appear in late June. 1994 Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award (Savory).
Heart shaped olive green leaves with a chartreuse/gold edge.
Blue flowers. Long bloomer. Emerges early in Spring.
A small vigorous green with a bright yellow edge.
This outstanding hosta was responsible for revolutionizing the small/medium hosta world. The 20" wide mound of round green foliage with a prominent chartreuse margin is great as a specimen or as a border in the shade garden. The clumps are topped with numerous spikes of medium lavender flowers!
Heart-shaped yellow leaves w/green margins, forms a compact clump; lav. flwrs.
The yellow-leafed, green-margined form of H. nakaiana showing vestiges of ridges on the scape. Apple green foliage with a tidy golden yellow margin, spear shaped leaves. Fairly rapid grower making it great as a small groundcover. (Plant 22x14)
Green heart-shaped leaves with a gold edge.  Multiplies rapidly, forming a neat, compact mound.  One of the all-time favorite small hostas.
This may be the most popular of the smaller Hostas, always in the top 10 on the AHS popularity poll. It forms a neat mound of heart-shaped, medium green leaves with a yellow edge. A very vigorous grower, it's excellent for edging or as a ground cover. Purple flowers.
Heart-shaped, green leaves with a wide, golden margin. Compact grower showing good form, persistent color, and fast clumping habit. Deep lavender flowers July-August. 24" scapes. Awarded the Nancy Minks Award by the American Hosta Society for outstanding small-leaved cultivar.
Attractive rounded, light green leaves bordered in bright yellow. A choice plant for edging, this is a fast increaser. Nancy Minks Award winner. Lavender flowers.
Introduced in the late 1970's, it was the first small sized hosta with a golden edge.

Sports'Diamond Tiara' sport/gw
'Emerald Scepter' sport/yg
'Glen Tiara' sport/gy
'Golden Scepter' sport/yy
'Grand Tiara' sport/gy
'Jade Scepter' sport/gg
'Jade Tiara' sport/gg
'Ribbon Tiara' sport/
'Streaked Tiara' sport/o
'Sunny Tiara' sport/yy
'Touchstone' sport/gw

Progeny'Concordia Petite' = venusta x PP
'Teaspoon' = 'Birchwood Parky's Gold' x PP