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HostaKing Tut


Originator(s)Gretchen Harshbarger 1981

Origin'Tokudama Aureonebulosa' hybrid

Size categorysmall - medium - large

Plant height x width 

Leaf length x width 

Vein pairs10-11

Leaf colorchartreuse>golden yellow


Leafheavy, puckered



Scape height 


Flower length 


Flowering period 





Info12" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
Light green leaves turn yellow/gold as season ends. Near-white flowers in June.
A medium sized bright gold with heart shaped medium sized leaves.
This difficult to find hybrid from the late Gretchen Harshbarger has lovely bright golden heavily textured wide leaves (emerges green). Each 2' wide clump is topped with near white flowers in early summer on 3' tall scapes.
A wonderful bright gold with good substance, heart-shaped leaves; white flwrs.
An outstanding bright gold hosta with thick, heart-shaped leaves. White flowers.
Large, leaves charteuse early but soon turn yellow, light lavendar flowers in July.
A hybrid of tokudama 'Aureonebulosa' with bright gold rounded, heart-shaped leaves, nicely puckered. White flowers.

Sports'Diadem' sport/gy
'Gretchen Harshbarger' sport/gy
'Mister Watson' sport/yg
'Mummy' sport/gy
'Nefertiti' sport/yg
'Pharaoh's Fawcett' sport/by
'Tut Tut' sport/

Progeny'Academy Aureate Piffle' seedling
'Academy Gold Codswallop' seedling
'Academy Wonky Balderdash' seedling
'Birdbeak' = ('Millennium' x longipes var. latifolia 'Urajiro') x PP
'Brother Stefan' = PP x (x 'Mildred Seaver')
'Corn Muffin' = 'Glory' x PP
'Michael T. Rozanski' seedling