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$5.00 White Oak (2000)
$12.00 Hoot Owl Hollow (1999)
$7.00 Walden West (1999)
$9.00 Plants Delight (1999)
$6.50 Naylor Creek (1999)
$7.95 Bridgewood (1999)
$6.95 AAA (1999)
$?.?? Walters Gardens (1999)
$4.67 Jim's Hostas (1999)
$7.00 Robyn's Nest (1999)
$7.00 Homestead (1999)
=nigrescens 'Krossa Regal'.
='Krossa #A-3'.
36" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Hosta 2001 (Mark Zilis).
Elegant upright frosty blue leaves. Flower stalks reach 7 feet. Fantastic! Mid-July welcomes the medium lavender flowers.
Tall, vase shaped clump of blue grey frosty foliage.
Leaves are leathery textured and heavily pruinose.
Orchid flowers on 4-5' scapes.
Stately large silvery grey green.
Classic, outstanding mature clump.
As new hostas come and go, this oldie remains as the standard. The distinctive upright form and shiny steel blue foliage are a must for every shade garden. The 3' wide clump is topped with lavender flowers perched atop 6' bloom spikes... what a clump!
Frosty wavy blue-green leaves that grow in an upright form; orchid colored flwer.
Frosty, blue-gray leaves, upright and arching to form a large vase-shaped plant.  Lavender flowers on scapes up to 5' tall.  One of the best and most popular of all hostas.
The foliage is frosty grayish blue, pointed, with undulating margins. Leaves are held upright rather than arching, giving the plant a stately vase shape which contrasts well with mound shaped hostas. Spikes of lavender flowers can reach 5' or taller.
Imported from Japan in the 1950s. Plant is exceptionally majestic because it grows erect instead of in a mound. Elegant, upright, frosty blue foliage. Flower stalks can grow to 7 feet. (Plant 30x28)
Foliage is frosty blue. Upright leaves. Up to 40" with flower scapes up to 5 feet. Lavender flowers. American Hosta Society Eunice Fisher Award.
A truly regal plant with handsome blue-gray leaves. Leaves are very smooth, leathery in texture and have a few small waves at the margins. The plant has a vase-shaped habit. Lavender blooms.
Leaf of blue-gray on tall leaf stems, vase shaped, a regal plant, flowers soft orchid, tall scapes, should be in every collection.
'Andreji' sport/wb
'Bayside Regal' seedling
'Beryl Black' seedling
'Border Patrol' sport/gw
'Bullfrog' sport/bwb
'Cushing House 1808' sport/bc
'Elkhorn Prize' seedling
'Gay Search' sport/by
'Hairline Fracture' sport/gw
'Happenstance' = "unknown" x PP
'Honeysong Regal' sport/os
'Ilona' sport/cg
'Irish Cream' sport/
'Kelly' sport/bb
'Krossa Regal (yellow variegation)' sport/o
'Krossa Regal Splashed' sport/os
'Krossa Regal Streaked' sport/o
'Mixed Nuts' sport/wg
'Peedee Apollo' = 'Peedee Gold Flash' x PP
'Porcelain Vase' sport/wg
'Regal Chameleon' sport/wg
'Regal Heir' sport/os
'Regal Promenade' sport/o
'Regal Providence' sport/wg
'Regal Splash' sport/os
'Regal Splendor' sport/gw
'Regal Supreme' sport/bc
'Regal Twist' sport/cb
'Regalia' sport/gg
'Sails Ho' sport/o
'Tom Schmid' sport/gw
'White Sprite' sport/wg