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HostaLeading Lady


Originator(s)Jim & Jill Wilkins 1995

Origin(x 'William Lachman') sport

Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width60x10 cm (24x4 in.)

Leaf length x width30x23 cm (12x9 in.)

Vein pairs 

Leaf colordark green,(yellow>cream) edge





Scape height 


Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly





Info23" tall. Light Shade.
Large upright to 24" spreading clump of dark green leaves with a wide cream margin. Light lavender flowers in July. Excellent large variegated hosta with rich color. A 'William Lachman' cross. This stunning new hybrid forms a semi-upright clump to 23" tall x 40" wide. The dark green thick substance leaf is surrounded by a very wide golden border, which changes to cream as the season progresses. In late summer, the fast growing clumps are topped with light lavender flowers.
A large upright clump of dark green leaves with a rich creamy margin; light lavender flower. Reminds one of H. 'Sagae' but with dark green leaves --same great substance and same dramatic presence. Has proved to have superior vigor and grow very well in our cool climate 
Large upright, spreading clump of large dark green leaves with a rich creamy margin. Light lavender flowers in July. Reminiscent of H. 'Sagae' but darker green color.
The dark green leaves have a wide cream margin, quite distinctive. Lavender flowers.
Striking, large mound of white-margined foliage from the Wilkins breeding program; registered in 1995 as a sport of a 'William Lachman' seedling.

Sports'Unexpected Song' sport/gg