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Originator(s)Hajime Sugita/Pete Ruh 1997

Originkikutii "white-backed" x longipes "white-backed"


Size categorymedium

Plant height x width45x105 cm (18x41 in.)

Leaf length x width30x10 cm (12x4 in.)

Vein pairs10-12

Leaf colorgreen


Leaflance, very veined

Petiolered base


Scape height50 cm (20 in.)

Flowerpale lavender

Flower length 


Flowering periodAugust - September





Info='Okazaki Special'.
Cross between H. longipes (white backed) and H. kikutii (white backed).
Green lanceolate leaves are pruinose on the back sides, a fast grower: lavender flowers.
Lance leaf, white backed.
Dark green leaves are heavily pruinose on the back sides. Handsome purple speckling on both the petioles and bloom scapes.
Lavender flowers.

Sports'Mikawa-no-yuki streaked' sport/os

Progeny'Awakening Angel' = PP x 'Uncle John'
'Boy Shooting Arrows' = ('Beatrice' stable x 'Katrina Jo') x PP
'Frisian Association' = 'Gilt by Association' x PP
'Frisian Desert' = PP x 'Paradise Sandstorm'
'Frisian Early Gold' = 'Bitsy Gold' x PP
'Frisian Pride' = PP x 'Gilt By Association'
'Garnet Spires' = ('Liberty Bell' x ('Urajiro Hachijo' x pycnophylla)) x PP
'Greenhead Grafton Blues' = PP x kikutii f. leuconota
'Katana' = PP x ('Mikawa-no-yuki' x 'Elegans')
'Kempen Cream Star' = 'Setsurei' x PP
'Little Brother' = PP x 'Uncle John'
'Louie Louie' = ('Liberty Bell' x ('Urajiro Hachijo' x pycnophylla)) x PP
'Sister Garned' = 'Violetta' x PP
'Spartan Spear' = ('Liberty Bell' x ('Urajiro Hachijo' x pycnophylla)) x PP
'Valley's Blind River' = (x 'One Man's Treasure') x PP
'Valley's Blue Butter Fish' seedling
'Valley's Blue Chute' seedling
'Valley's Blue Pool' seedling
'Valley's Blue Spike' = PP x 'Azure Snow'
'Valley's Front Runner' = PP x 'Theo's Blue'
'Valley's Funboard' = PP x 'Uncle Albert'
'Valley's Lazy Sunday' = PP x 'Uncle Albert'
'Valley's Little Blue Penguin' seedling
'Valley's Perfect Flow' seedling
'Valley's Shipwreck's Cove' = PP x pycnophylla
'Valley's Wairere' hybrid
'Valley's White Beach' = PP x pycnophylla