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$15.00 Green Hill (2000)
$15.00 White Oak (2000)
$45.00 Hoot Owl Hollow (1999)
$18.00 Walden West (1999)
$20.00 Plants Delight (1999)
$16.00 Naylor Creek (1999)
$24.95 Bridgewood (1999)
$??.?? Walters Gardens (1999) T.C.
DM110.00 Reinermann (1999) O.S.
$15.00 Green Hill (1999)
$25.00 Jim's Hostas (1999)
$25.00 Robyn's Nest (1999)
18" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade. A 'Fortunei Albopicta' type.
Green leaves with a bold white center. A spectacular plant. June brings lavender flowers. Bold white center with a medium green edge. A sport of H. 'White Christmas'.
Lavender flowers. An unusually good white centered form, vigorous.
This is one fabulous hosta! If you want to make visitors stop in their tracks and drop to their knees, here is the hosta for you. The 8" long x 3" wide leaves on this vigorous grower (sport of H. 'White Christmas') have a clear white center surrounded by a dark green border. In late summer, the old foliage turns solid green, allowing more food to be produced for the upcoming season. The 30" wide clumps are topped with lavender flowers on 30" scapes in early summer.
Velvety green margin that intensifies the 2" crisp white center; this sport of H. 'White Christmas' grows larger and is much more vigorous; lavender flowers on white scapes. Place in a warm location and it will grow rapidly.
This is a sport of 'White Christmas' with long, deep green leaves with a white streak down the center. Much more vigorous than 'White Christmas' forming a medium to large mound with lavender flowers. The center fades to light green in mid summer.
H. 'White Christmas' mutation with heavier substance. The center of the leaf is a creamy-white changing to pure white by summer. Dark green margins on large pointed leaves. Pale lavender flowers. 30-36" scapes.
Velvety green, white edge.
The undulating, lance-shaped, velvety-green leaves have a crisp, white center. A good-growing beauty! White flower stalks are intriguingly speckled in red and carry lavender flowers.
'Chiemsee Weihnachtssport' sport/wg
'Christmas Candy' sport/wg
'Christmas Charm' sport/gw
'Christmas Cookies' sport/wg
'Sno Cone' sport/wg