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$15.00 Green Hill (2000)
$65.00 Homestead (2000) O.S.
$12.00 White Oak (2000)
$1.25 Homestead (2000) Seed
$22.00 Hoot Owl Hollow (1999)
$18.00 Walden West (1999)
$20.00 Plants Delight (1999)
$15.00 Naylor Creek (1999)
$19.95 Bridgewood (1999)
$19.95 AAA (1999)
$1.25 Homestead (1999) Seed
$15.00 Green Hill (1999)
$50.00 Eagle Bay (1999) O.S.
$20.00 Jim's Hostas (1999)
$15.00 Robyn's Nest (1999)
$20.00 Homestead (1999)
='Pauls Glory'.
Hosta of the Year for 1999 (HOTY).
15" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
Yellow center turns white to whitish-green, with blue/green margin. Lavender flowers in June. Yellow with a blue edge, the yellow fading to white in the summer. Variegated. White flowers. A spectacular gold trimmed in blue. Large.
Considered the best new introduction in years, this mutation from H. 'Perry's True Blue' has brilliant gold leaves with a wide blue edge. The dark golden leaves brighten to a white gold as the season progresses. These spectacular clumps are topped with light lavender flowers on 24" scapes in late spring. This is one of those rare hostas that stands out in any garden... AWESOME!
Gold-centered leaves w/blue-green margins have heavy substance and exhibit some puckering. Hosta of the year for 1999 and a must for every hosta enthusiast--can take some sun.
Beautiful yellow centered sieboldiana. The heart shaped leaves have a blue margin and are nicely puckered when mature. White flowers.
Plant has blue-green margined leaves with center yellow, turning whitish. As far as variegation goes, it is one of the kings! I feel that this is one of the top 10 Hostas! Make room for this one and put it in the center of your garden. (Plant 26x17)
Rich gold leaves edged in blue-green. Heavy substance, slight puckering. This sport of 'Perry's True Blue' is well-deserving of its title! Lavender flowers.
Our most outstanding hosta, large leaf with bright yellow center and 1/2" blue-green border. Color holds entire season. Lavendar flowers.
Better substance than 'Gold Standard'.
'Alter Ego' hybrid
'American Glory Be' sport/yg
'Candle in the Wind' sport/
'Charlie' sport/gg
'Chesterland Gold' sport/yy
'Class Act' = PP x yingeri
'Fingerprint' sport/ow
'Glorious Gold' hybrid
'Glory Hallelujah' sport/gy
'Glossy Glory' hybrid
'Gold Glory' seedling
'Hokey Pokey' seedling
'Lightning Strikes' sport/os
'Magica' seedling
'Neon Glory' sport/yg
'Orange Marmalade' sport/wg
'Paradise Glory' sport/yb
'Pete's Passion' sport/yg
'Peter Ruh' sport/gy
'Pride and Joy' sport/yg
'Rosedale Rip Van Winkle' = 'Northern Halo' x PP
'St. Paul' sport/yg
'Synergy' sport/gy
'T N T' sport/yg
'Wheaton Blue' sport/gg