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HostaSilver Threads and Golden Needles

Statusnot registered

Originator(s)Winterberry Farms/Jim Anderson

Origin'Stolen Kiss' sport


Size categorysmall

Plant height x width15x38 cm (6x15 in.)

Leaf length x width9x7 cm (4x3 in.)

Vein pairs5-6

Leaf colorwhite, edge,green,yellow edge





Scape height40 cm (16 in.)

Flowerpale purple

Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly





Info='Stolen Kiss streak'.
='Silver Threads & Golden Needles'.
Yellow leaf that develops a green centre, green is spotted with gray spots. Attractive.
Another sport of H. 'Cheatin Heart' that has gold center variously splotched with green flecks. As a small plant I think it is downright ugly, but as it matures it becomes quite attractive. We have had this plant for some time and did not introduce it because we had not seen a good specimen. Henry (Bud) Martin began to sell this plant out of his nursery and was getting unbelievable prices for it, so we figured that we had better introduce it to the general trade. The history of the plant is 'Cheatin Hearts' begat 'Illicit Affair' which begat 'Stolen Kiss' which begat 'Silver Threads and Golden Needles'. This is a miniature to small Hosta.
The chartreuse yellow leaves have an unusual central pattern of green that takes up 80% of the leaf area. The green is then overlain with a white frosting. The clumps are topped with 8" stalks of light lavender flowers in late spring.

Sports'Buffalo Amber Waves' sport/yy
'Golden Needles' sport/op
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