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Originator(s)Tony Avent 1998

Origin'Little Aurora' sport

Size categorymini - small

Plant height x width15x30 cm (6x12 in.)

Leaf length x width7x7 cm (3x3 in.)

Vein pairs 

Leaf colorgolden yellow,watermark,green


Leafcupped, bovate



Scape height30 cm (12 in.)


Flower length4 cm (1.6 in.)


Flowering period 




PatentsPP11603, EUPBR13143#Terminated

InfoPP11603 (24/10/2000)
10" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
Bright gold with a green maple leaf design in center of each leaf.
Lavender flowers in late spring.
Here is the plant that everyone has been waiting for since its debut at the Atlanta Hosta Convention. This revolutionary sport of H. 'Little Aurora' boasts small rounded bright gold leaves with a wide light green border. Each leaf is "tattooed" with the outline of a dark green maple leaf in the center... a dramatic departure from the typical two-toned hosta foliage. In late spring, the 18" wide clumps are topped with 10" scapes of light lavender flowers. Be sure to get your neighbors talking with your very own Hosta 'Tattoo'.
A very unique and spectacular little jewel that has been in great desire, this sport of H. 'Little Aurora' has bright gold leaves that have the appearance of having a maple leaf "tattooed" on each of them. Superior substance and some cupping on rounded leaves topped with lavender flowers in early summer. You may have to work at finding the right location to grow this plant but the results are well worth the effort.

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