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Originator(s)Fumio Maekawa 1940/George Schmid/AHS 2002

Origin'Tardiflora' sport


Size categorymini

Plant height x width15x40 cm (6x16 in.)

Leaf length x width10x4 cm (4x2 in.)

Vein pairs4

Leaf colordark green


Leafcorckscrew, leathery, shiny



Scape height30 cm (12 in.)

Flowerlight lavender,striped,tubular

Flower length 


Flowering periodSeptember - October





Info=tardiflora 'Tortifrons'.
='Kogarashi Giboushi'.
JN: Kogarashi Giboushi = the "Autumn Wind Hosta".
Corkscrew leaves, thick, erect, rigid, leathery and shiny. Each leaf is different.
Dark green with the petiole a part of the leaf.
Purple dotted scapes with purple flowers.
This is the curious twisted-leaf hosta that is apparently a form of the very late-blooming 'Tardiflora'; it blooms at the same time and the flowers are the same.
It is a very nice woodland or rock garden plant with tough, thick, glossy leaves.
The amount of twisting of the leaf varies; ours are most twisty when they have only a little shade and not too much fertilizer. Easy but slow to divide.
Thick dark green corkscrew leaves, a very interesting plant that needs to be grown in lots of sun to get the leaves to corkscrew; blooms extremely late (late October here) w/ lavender flowers.
Originally introduced in commerce as a species, but apparently there are no wild populations and, according to Schmid, it appears to be a cultivar from 'Tardiflora'. Very narrow dark green leaves, only " or so wide, 6" long, twisted and contorted. Slow growing and very unusual, excellent for the rock garden.
"Bizarre!" many people exclaim when they see this most unusual 3" wide hosta with skinny leaves twisting up at a 45 degree angle.
This is an attention-getter in a bonsai pot!
Slender, upright and leathery, the leaves are twisted and contorted on this conversation piece.
Long, thin, twisting, turning, upright mound. Prolific lilac flowers.

Sports'Kogarashi Nakafu' sport/yg

Progeny'Corkscrew' = PP x 'One Man's Treasure'
'Silver Twist' = (sieboldii x venusta) x PP
'Tatsumaki' hybrid