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HostaWilliam Lachman


Originator(s)Kevin Vaughn 1981

Origin"Vaughn 73-2" x 'Frances Williams'


Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width 

Leaf length x width 

Vein pairs11

Leaf colorgreen,streaked,white,cream,yellow

Variegationstreaked, unstable




Scape height 


Flower length 


Flowering period 





InfoStreaked breeder:****
Blue green streaked white and yellow. Heart shaped leaves. Lavender flowers. Unstable variegation. Good pod parent for variegated seedlings.
Blue-green leaves streaked with cream, white and yellow, heart-shaped with heavy texture. Light mauve flowers.
Streaked, good breeder.

Sports'Chilly Willy' sport/yg
'Fond Memory' sport/gw

Progeny'A Lady in Blue' = PP x hypoleuca
'An Old Smoothie' seedling
'Beautiful Dreamer ' seedling
'Big Top' = PP x hypoleuca
'Calamity Jane' = PP x plantaginea
'Castle Rock' = PP x 'Blue Belly'
'Crossroads Budgie' seedling
'Crossroads Hurricane' seedling
'Crossroads Oscar' seedling
'Crossroads Parrot' seedling
'Crossroads Rowdy' seedling
'Crossroads Steve' seedling
'Crossroads Whirlpool' seedling
'Curlicue' = PP x 'Maekawa'
'Deceiver' = PP x 'Permanent Wave'
'Dipsy Doodle' seedling
'Dream Catcher' seedling
'Eagle Bay Prism' seedling
'Eternity' hybrid
'Fickle Blue Genes' = PP x hypoleuca
'Fifth Element' = PP x 'Big Daddy'
'Foxy Doxy' = PP x 'Frances Williams'
'Free Jazz' seedling
'Frosty the Snowman' hybrid
'Garden Center' seedling
'Gay Nineties' = PP x montana
'Gin and Tonic' hybrid
'Grandeur' = PP x 'Halcyon'
'Jelly Roll Blues' hybrid
'Lust of Life' seedling
'Milkshake' hybrid
'Mint Julep' hybrid
'Nathan Nirvana' = PP x 'Permanent Wave'
'Noble Eagle' seedling
'Peppermint Ice' = PP x montana
'Pie in the Sky' hybrid
'Red-hot Mama' = PP x 'Maekawa'
'Roostertail' hybrid
'Rosie Posie' = PP x montana
'Sally and Bob' = PP x 'Fascination'
'Scarlet Ribbons' hybrid
'Shazaam' seedling
'Softly Spoken' = PP x 'Beer Belly Blues'
'Soldier Boy' = 'Galaxy' x PP
'Spring Fever' seedling
'Streaky Streak' hybrid
'Summer Wind' = PP x 'Stingray'
'Sunshine Glory' = PP x 'Golden Waffles'
'Sydney' seedling
'Topsy Turvey' = PP x hypoleuca
'Touch the Sky' = PP x 'Elatior'
'Warwick Choice' hybrid
'Warwick Delight' = PP x 'Blue Moon'
'Warwick Edge' = PP x nakaiana