MyHostas database
8.00 Van den Top (2002)
f17.50 Van den Top (2000)
$5.00 Homestead (2000) Seed
$18.00 Naylor Creek (2000)
$30.00 Hoot Owl Hollow (1999)
$20.00 Jim's Hostas (1999)
$5.00 Homestead (1999) Seed
DM50.00 Reinermann (1999)
DM35.00 Friesland (1999)
Setouchi Giboshi.
Grey green leaves with white undersides. Piecrust margins. Dark purple flowers.
Gray-green, white underside.
Gray-green leaf with white underside. A good breeder.
'Aliyah's Grace' seedling
'Amethyst Joy' = kiyosumiensis x PP
'Belle of the Ball' = kiyosumiensis x PP
'Bloody Mary' = longipes x PP
'Chado' = 'Iron Gate Supreme' x PP
'Chariots of Fire' = ('Beatrice' x 'Garnet Prince') x PP
'Chief White Cloud' = PP x ('High Noon' x 'Big John')
'Chopsticks' = PP x longipes f. hypoglauca
'Condor' = longipes x PP
'Crocodile Tears' hybrid
'Cutting Edge' = 'Salute' x PP
'Doctor Fu Manchu' = longipes x PP
'Dolcissimo' seedling
'Dragon's Blood' = longipes x PP
'Elizabeth Levy' hybrid
'Elrod' = 'Invincible' x PP
'Eos' hybrid
'Gilt by Association' = PP x pycnophylla
'Goldbrook Grebe' = PP x longipes
'Golden Memories' = 'Sum and Substance' x PP
'Greybeard' = 'Galaxy' x PP
'Heart of Gold' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'High Kicker' hybrid
'High Radiation' seedling
'Hime Setouchi' sport/
'Inland Sea' = kiyosumiensis x PP
'Jake' = 'Invincible' x PP
'James A. Garfield' = PP x kiyosumiensis
'James Madison' = longipes x PP
'Jim Hawes' seedling
'Kinba' = PP x pycnophylla
'Kyoto' = aequinoctiiantha x PP
'Lady Gaga' = longipes x PP
'Lake Huron' hybrid
'Lavender Doll' = kiyosumiensis x PP
'Lavender Stocking' = kiyosumiensis x PP
'Lickity Split' = 'Dorothy Benedict' x PP
'Martin Van Buren' = kiyosumiensis x PP
'Mucho Macho' seedling
'Nancy Gill' = 'Sum and Substance' x PP
'Ogon Setouchi' sport/yy
'Oshima Silk' seedling
'Paradise Blue Sky' = sieboldiana 'Elegans' x PP
'Paradise Red Delight' selection
'Pewter Frost' = PP x montana
'Purple Form' sport/gg
'Quaker Lady' = kiyosumiensis x PP
'Qualifying Queen' = kiyosumiensis x PP
'Quill' = PP x yingeri
'Raspberry Parfait' = longipes x PP
'Red Legs' = longipes x PP
'Rosemoor' hybrid
'Setsurei' = hypoleuca x PP
'Shirley Vaughn' = "William Lachman F2 seedling" x PP
'St. Lawrence River' hybrid
'Strawberry Delight' = longipes x PP
'Suzy Q' = PP x plantaginea
'Swan Lake' = kiyosumiensis x PP
'Tequila Sunrise' = 'Spritzer' x PP
'Theo's Blue' = PP x "Blue hosta"
'Theo's Red' hybrid
'Toots' = PP x kiyosumiensis
'Tossed Salad' = 'Sum and Substance' x PP
'Totally Twisted' hybrid
'Tristesse' = kikutii var. caput-avis x PP
'Tutu' = 'Donahue Piecrust' x PP
'Twisted Sister' = 'Polly Bishop' x PP
'Valley's Blue Rider' = longipes x PP
'Valley's Cathedral' = PP x 'Temple Bells'
'Valley's Dancing Lady' seedling
'Valley's Iron Lady' = 'Captain Teach' x PP
'Valley's Petticoat' = PP x 'Riptide'
'Valley's Ratatouille' = 'Secret Thoughts' x PP
'Valley's Red Raider' = longipes f. hypoglauca x PP
'Valley's Shipwreck's Cove' = 'Mikawa-no-yuki' x PP
'Valley's Wave Ripple' seedling
'Valley's White Beach' = 'Mikawa-no-yuki' x PP
'Warwick Ballerina' = PP x 'Sum and Substance'
'White Heron' = kiyosumiensis x PP
'White Undies' hybrid
'Whitefish Dunes' = 'Cinnamon Sticks' x PP