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Originator(s)Jane & Bernie Diesen 1998

Origin'Guacamole' sport

Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width60x125 cm (24x49 in.)

Leaf length x width25x20 cm (10x8 in.)

Vein pairs11

Leaf colorgreenish-yellow,dark green edge


Leaffolded, shiny, bovate rounded



Scape height100 cm (39 in.)

Flowerpale lavender

Flower length9 cm (3.5 in.)


Flowering periodJuly - August - September





InfoH. 'Avacado'? No!
To die for [C. Seaver].
Fast Growth rate. Greenish yellow with a 2" wide, flat dark green margin.
Very shiny on top and underneath, moderately folded.
A very interesting wide dark green margined sport of our own 'Guacamole'. The plant appears somewhat blacker in color and seems to have more substance. Large clump; light lavender fragrant flowers in June and August.
Very nice sport of H. 'Guacamole', dark green margin is quite wide and surrounds a narrow gold center. Overall appearance of the plant is a lot darker than its parent and the leaves seem to be somewhat thicker. Vigorous grower that makes a nice clump in no time and will be topped with pale lavender flowers that are fragrant.
This is the original sport of 'Guacamole' with a narrow center, not 'Holy Molé'. Take H. 'Guacamole' and shrink the center down to a narrow, about 1" streak, and you have 'Holy Molé' or 'Avocado'. Both of these Hostas have a very dark edge that, on its own, is slower growing than 'Guacamole'.
Heat tolerance, shiny leaves, and large white, fragrant flowers. This one will sell well.

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