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HostaBrother Stefan


Originator(s)Olga Petryszyn 1998

Origin'King Tut' x (x 'Mildred Seaver')

Size category 

Plant height x width65x90 cm (26x35 in.)

Leaf length x width28x25 cm (11x10 in.)

Vein pairs 

Leaf colorgolden yellow,green edge


Leafvery corrugated



Scape height60 cm (24 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering period 





Info='Brother Stephan'.
Hosta of the Year for 2017 (HOTY).
Maple leaf variegation pattern with heavy rugosity, moderate growth rate. Good variegation pattern.
Few other words can do justice when seeing a mature clump of Hosta 'Brother Stefan'. Named by top hosta breeder Olga Petryszyn for her brother on his 50th birthday, this hosta is quite the present. Each 3' wide clump of thick heavily corrugated golden foliage is edged with a wide border of medium green. In late spring, the 2' scapes of white flowers top the clump. This is truly one of the most spectacular hostas that we have ever seen...find out firsthand.
This time the hybridizer stepped away from her Americana series for this masterpiece, to be created as a gift for her brother's birthday. Working with H. 'King Tut' for the puckering and texture, the result is truly amazing. 'Brother Stefan' has three luscious colors. The center of the leaves have a maple leaf pattern which turns gold in the center, bleeding out to a chartreuse and then edging in deep green. Pure white, tightly packed flowers sit on the top of the plant. H. 'Brother Stefan' is always the first to catch the visitors eyes.

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