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HostaDonahue Piecrust


Originator(s)Thomas Donahue/Pete Ruh 1999

Originmontana hybrid

Size categorylarge

Plant height x width70x150 cm (28x59 in.)

Leaf length x width29x19 cm (11x7 in.)

Vein pairs12-14

Leaf colorgreen


Leafvery rippled margin, twisted tip, folded, wavy



Scape height100 cm (39 in.)

Flowerpale lavender,tubular

Flower length4 cm (1.6 in.)


Flowering periodJune - July





Info='Donahue's Piecrust'.
22" tall. Light Shade.
A classic, large green, flat leaf with fluted edge.
One of the best.
This stunning green leaf hosta is both a great garden subject and the parent of many great hybrids. The 30" wide mounds are layered with heavily rippled deeply veined green leaves. In mid summer, the clumps are topped with 3' scapes of white flowers. For hosta breeders, this has proven to be a superb parent for wavy edges.
One of the best with a piecrust edge, medium green leaves w/white flwrs.
Large dark green leaves with heavily rippled edges. One of the best breeders for piecrust edges.
Extreme piecrust fluting around the edges of the large, dark green leaves. Near-white flowers.


Progeny'Diane's Piecrust' seedling
'Fame Game' = 'Christmas Tree Gala' x PP
'Flapjack' = 'Christmas Tree' x PP
'Fluted Fountain' = (x 'Sun Power') x PP
'Komodo Dragon' seedling
'Party Favor' = PP x 'Akebono'
'Sea Frolic' seedling
'Spring Fling' = 'Christmas Tree' x PP
'Swirling Hearts' = PP x 'Heartleaf'
'Trill' = PP x 'Green Piecrust'
'Tutu' = PP x pycnophylla