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HostaFat Cat


Originator(s)Dick & Jane Ward 1996

Origin'Sagae' seedling

Size categorylarge

Plant height x width75x150 cm (30x59 in.)

Leaf length x width32x28 cm (13x11 in.)

Vein pairs15

Leaf colorgolden yellow


Leafthick, very corrugated


Scapelight green

Scape height110 cm (43 in.)

Flowernear white,tubular

Flower length4.5 cm (1.8 in.)


Flowering periodJune - July


Podlight green



InfoEunice Fisher Distinguished Merit Award winner 2010.
A new attractive giant, gold leaved Hosta that is sure to please!
Leaf size is about 15" long x 15" wide.
Requires morning sun!
It was the top leaf in the Columbus Central Ohio Hosta Society leaf show in 2004. Near white flowers.
Acts like a brighter, smaller version of 'Sum and Substance' with more heavily corrugated.
It may be hard to believe, but this well-heeled hosta is a seedling of 'Sagae'. (The flowers scapes give it away.) It grows a bit like 'Sum and Substance' but won't get quite that big, getting (only) 4-5' wide. The color is a brighter gold as well.
When Dick Ward received the Eunice Fisher Distinguished Hybridizer Award in 2010, he selected this hosta as his hosta of merit.

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