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HostaFragrant Blue


Originator(s)Paul Aden 1988

Origin'Aden 8413' x 'Aden 8270'


Size categorysmall - medium

Plant height x width 

Leaf length x width13x8 cm (5x3 in.)

Vein pairs5

Leaf colorblue-green





Scape height 

Flowernear white

Flower length 


Flowering periodJune - July





8" tall. Light Shade.
Excellent chalky medium sized blue, white fragrant flowers.
This small vigorous grower is a true breeding breakthrough... a nice blue hosta with lightly fragrant flowers... light blue flowers... can you tell we're excited? Thanks to the summer growth habit of its parent, H. plantaginea, this 12" wide clump of smooth textured powdery blue leaves keeps sending up new powder blue leaves all summer. This hosta is destined to be one of the great ones!
Smooth, blue-green heart-shaped leaves; near white flowers that are fragrant.
Forms a nice clump of powdery blue, heart-shaped leaves. The flowers are light lavender blue and very fragrant.
Good, smooth blue-green leaves with heavy substance. Fragrant flowers open white on 20" scapes. Foliage turns bright blue from mid-June to mid-July.
The soft blue leaves form an attractive mound. This is one of the few blue hostas with fragrant flowers. Near-white flowers.
Medium leaves frosted blue, fragrant pale lavendar flowers mid-July, a must.

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