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HostaGilt by Association


Originator(s)Kevin Walek 2000

Originpycnophylla x pycnophylla


Size categorymedium

Plant height x width 

Leaf length x width23x10 cm (9x4 in.)

Vein pairs 

Leaf coloryellow>green


Leafpiecrust edge

Petiolepurple dotted

Scapedeep purple

Scape height 

Floweralmost blue

Flower length 


Flowering period 





InfoWe are pleased to introduce Kevin Walek's 'Gilt by Association' (the name is courthouse humor), a hosta with all the accessories. 'Gilt by Association' is a medium to large, bright spring gold with ruffled leaf margins, a white back, and purple petioles. As the foliage turns to a limy green, purple scapes appear and reveal the biggest surprise of all, almost blue flowers. Yes, I think they are on the lavender side of blue but put one side by side with a typical H. sieboldii flower and they look pretty blue. This H. pycnophylla seedling is a year round conversation piece.
The leaf is about 9 inches long, about 4 inches at the widest. Clump size at 5 years is 3 foot across and 18 inches high. It is a very fast grower. Scapes are redder and
stand about 24-26 inches.
This is a picture of this new registration of mine (available from Solberg in 2002). The right leaf is indicative of the clump in June and beyond, doesn't burn up in full afternoon VA sun. Imagine this in a mound with the form of H. 'Green Fountain' with deep purple flower scapes. Note the nice pie-crusted edge.
Kevin's real profession (attorney) creeps into the hosta world as he exposes us to a little courtroom humor. H. 'Gilt by Association' is a star witness for the defense of the genus: emerges in spring a bright gold with ruffled leaf margins, a white back and purple petioles. With time the foliage turns a limy green and purple scapes appear revealing almost blue flowers. This H. pycnophylla seedling wears numerous disguises throughout the season creating suspicion and capturing the attention of any hostaphile.


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