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Originator(s)Bob Solberg 1994

Origin'Fragrant Bouquet' sport

Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width60x135 cm (24x53 in.)

Leaf length x width28x22 cm (11x9 in.)

Vein pairs12-13

Leaf color(chartreuse>golden yellow),green edge


Leafvery shiny, folded, wavy



Scape height95 cm (37 in.)

Flowernear white

Flower length9 cm (3.5 in.)


Flowering periodAugust - September





InfoHosta of the Year for 2002 (HOTY).
18" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
Very shiny leaves; goldish. chartruese center with dark green margins. Upright habit. Fragrant white flowers in late July. Very distinctive.
Apple green leaves with wide green edge streaking towards center. Huge white very fragrant flowers in August. Very fast growing.
H. 'Guacamole' is probably the most exciting new hosta to hit the market in years. This reverse variegated sport of H. 'Fragrant Bouquet' has the same wonderful giant sized near-white fragrant flowers in late summer. The vigorously growing clump to 2' wide sports chartreuse/gold foliage with a wide green edge... WOW!
A large open mound of gold leaves with dark green margins by the end of the season; large fragrant lavender flowers in August and September top this fast grower. Just an outstanding plant that seems to grow well in all parts of the country and does best with a little more sun.
'Fragrant Bouquet' mutation has proven to be an outstanding landscape plant. Fast growth rate. Colors intensify with more light and during the growing season. (Plant 54x24)
Frankly, I didn't know why this plant was so popular until I saw it in a large clump. It really is quite impressive. It is a sport from 'Fragrant Bouquet' found in tissue culture. It has rounded light green leaves with a dark green margin. Flowers are light lavender and fragrant, not as large as plantaginea, but flared open, up to 3" wide.
Large open mound of rounded gold leaves with a dark green margin.
Large lavender fragrant flowers in August.
A fast grower if given some direct sun.
One of the last to go dormant.
A wonderful sport of 'Fragrant Bouquet', its golden leaves are edged in soft green. Prefers some sun. Large fragrant flowers of lavender.
Large, gold centered green margin. Mutation of 'Fragrant Bouquet'. Fast grower tolerates more sun. Pale lavendar flowers in August.
The margin of the very shiny yellow leaf is 'dipped' in green, instead of the white of 'Fragrant Bouquet'.

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