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HostaLakeside Black Satin


Originator(s)Mary Chastain 1993

Originventricosa hybrid


Size categorymedium

Plant height x width23x55 cm (9x22 in.)

Leaf length x width18x18 cm (7x7 in.)

Vein pairs7

Leaf colordark green


Leafheavy, shiny, slightly rippled, ovate



Scape height66 cm (26 in.)

Flowerdeep purple,white stripes,bell

Flower length 


Flowering periodJune - July





Info'Lakeside Black Satin' grows into a large, mid-sized clump. Its very deep green, heart-shaped scalloped leaves tend to cup downward, and the clump is further enhanced by the contrasting coloring of its flowers. The nice sized white flower displays a rich rose-purple on the inside. It was one of the first recipients of the David Van Fleet award. The plant came to us in 1993 and is an H. ventricosa hybrid [MC].
Medium clump with very dark green round leaves. Leaves are somewhat ruffled and very shiny. Dark purple flowers in July. Admired by every visitor to the nursery.
Very dark green heart shaped leaves with a heavy substance. Flowers are rich rose purple inside and white outside.
Leaves have a very shiny dark green color when grown in the right location --more than part shade! The heart-shaped leaves have good substance and an upright habit.
A ventricosa hybrid from Mary Chastain, smaller and more compact than the species,  with very dark, almost black green, satiny leaves.
Very dark, scalloped heart shaped leaves of heavy substance and satin finish bell shaped flowers are white on outside rich rose purple inside.
Winner of the David Van Fleet Award for the best green leaf.
Lustrous darkest green-black; broad oval, heart base; rippled margin.

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