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HostaLemon Lime


Originator(s)Bob Savory 1977

Originnakaiana seedling

Size categorysmall

Plant height x width30x90 cm (12x35 in.)

Leaf length x width9x4 cm (4x2 in.)

Vein pairs3-5

Leaf colorgreenish-yellow


Leafthin, lanceolate, a bit wavy



Scape height50 cm (20 in.)

Flowerpale lavender,striped,reblooms

Flower length4 cm (1.6 in.)


Flowering periodJuly





Info6" tall. Light Shade
Small wavy chartreuse leaves. An excellent border plant. Dark lavender flowers in June. Chartreuse lance shaped leaves. Purple striped flowers. May rebloom.
Small wavy chartreuse. Nice border or rock garden plant.
Still one of the best small chartreuse hostas for using in a shaded border, this vigorous grower forms an 8" wide clump with wavy chartreuse gold leaves and light lavender flowers. The old leaves fade to light green contrasting nicely with the bright gold of the new foliage...hence the name.
Wavy chartreuse-yellow lance-shaped leaves with lavender flowers.
Chartreuse, wavy-edged lance shaped leaves. Increases rapidly. Purple flowers.
Small wavy chartreuse leaves. An excellent border plant. (Plant 18x12)
Small, chartreuse sport, semi-narrow wavy leaves, fast grower. Color holds all season.

Sports'Iced Lemon' sport/yw
'Inky Dinky' sport/wg
'Lemon Delight' sport/gy
'Lemon Frost' sport/yw
'Lemon Sorbet' sport/yw
'Lime Meringue' sport/gw
'Twist of Lime' sport/yg

Progeny'Goldee' = 'Zounds' x PP
'Lemon Honey' seedling
'Mighty Min' seedling
'Shiny Penny' = PP x 'Shining Tot'