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Originator(s)Pauline Banyai 1977

Origin'Gold Standard' sport

Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width30x45 cm (12x18 in.)

Leaf length x width23x13 cm (9x5 in.)

Vein pairs8

Leaf color,white edge





Scape height 

Flowerpale lavender

Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly - August





Info='Fortunei Moonlight' (268-HN).
This sport of 'Gold Standard' features goldish green leaves with a thin creamy white edge. Pale lavender flowers in early June. Heavy bloomer.
Cordate yellow leaves with creamy white edges. Mounded habit. Lavender flowers. Fast Grower.
Medium large green and gold leaf with creamy white edge, choice.
Chartreuse-gold leaves with a nice white margin, sport of H. 'Gold Standard'.
Sport from H. 'Gold Standard'. Yellow leaf with white edge. Strong grower. Pale lavendar flowers.
A sport of Gold Standard, with the same vigor and leaf form. These heart shaped leaves emerge green with a white margin. The center color transitions early summer to yellow for a different contrast to the white margin. But the show's not over! As a final display, mid summer, the centers turn parchment white. A soft contrast to the bright white margin. Plant with special attention to lighting. This hosta will not color well in deep shade. Too much sun will burn the white center. We suggest providing morning sun for best color. A kaleidoscope of colors when planted in a drift with changing light. Leaf: 7" x 5" Plant: 20" x 36" Bloom: Lavender. Lighting: 1/4 to 3/4 sun. Growth: Rapid.

Sports'Lunacy' sport/ov