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HostaPro Tek Tor


Originator(s)Frank Nyikos 2007

Origin'Little Boy' seedling

Size categoryvery large

Plant height x width120x245 cm (47x96 in.)

Leaf length x width35x20 cm (14x8 in.)

Vein pairs13-14

Leaf colorblue-green


Leafa bit rippled, a bit wavy, a bit corrugated


Scapeglaucous green

Scape height125 cm (49 in.)

Flowerpale lavender,striped

Flower length5 cm (2 in.)


Flowering periodJune - July



Ploidy4-4-4 suggested


InfoThis could very well be the largest hosta you will own. I divided this as a sixth year seedling and it was about 48 inches tall and over 8 feet across. Bob Solberg is the one that ultimately saved this plant from the compost pile. He wanted to know just how large I was planning to grow hosta! I had kept the plant because it provided the shade I needed for a miniature seedling that was growing under it. It is a nice possible tetraploid with strong robust growth. It is very blue and holds its color well in high light. Like most blues I would give this one a fair amount of light, moisture and a good deep supply of rich composty loam. It is an open pollinated 'Little Boy' seedling. The leaves tend to not be as corrugated as 'Little Boy', they are flatter but just as thick. 'Pro Tek Tor' readily sets large four chamber square seed pods (a good sign of the ploidy). To date I have only sprouted open pollinated seed out of this plant and they are as yet too young to give a good idea of this plantís worth as a parent either way.