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Originator(s)Paul Aden 1987

Origin'Amy Aden' x pulchella 'Variegated'

Size categorymini - small

Plant height x width30x80 cm (12x31 in.)

Leaf length x width14x4 cm (6x2 in.)

Vein pairs3-4

Leaf colorgreen,narrow (yellow>creamy white) edge


Leafnarrow, lance, very rippled margin, shiny



Scape height50 cm (20 in.)


Flower length5 cm (2 in.)


Flowering periodAugust





InfoLong, narrow leaves with very undulating white margins.
Dark purple flowers in early August.
Green with very narrow white margin, lanceolate, undulate leaves, 7" x 1".
12" scapes with purple striped flowers.
A small dark green with white margin.
Lance shaped undulating leaf.
This vigorous, but dwarf hosta to 8" wide is a good rock garden candidate with narrow wavy green leaves with a nice white border. The "wiggly" little clump is adorned with pale lavender flowers in mid summer on 12" scapes.... very cute!
Wavy narrow lance-shaped leaves with creamy margins; pale lavender flowers.
Very narrow, pointed, lance-shaped leaves, green with thin gold to creamy white undulating margins.
Forms a nice tight mound, made more interesting because of the wavy leaf edges.
Narrow lance shape foliage, almost grass like with a bright cream edge. A small edger hosta or rockery plant. Interesting undulating leaf formation making it look like its in motion. (Plant 8x6) Small plant, narrow lance shaped green leaves with creamy gold margins.
Lavendar flowers. Makes a compact mound, distinctive.

Sports'Boogie Woogie' sport/os
'Plaschken' sport/gg

Progeny'Hacksaw' = 'Atom Smasher' x PP
'Just Green' = PP x 'Fried Green Tomatoes'