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HostaVermont Frost

Statusnot registered

Originator(s)Chuck & Sue Anderson

Origin'Ghost Spirit' sport

Size categorysmall

Plant height x width 

Leaf length x width 

Vein pairs 

Leaf colorwhite>( edge,blue,white)





Scape height 

Flowerpale lavender

Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly





InfoHere's something we feel the need to shout about! To celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of First Look, our friends Chuck and Sue Anderson of Mason Hollow Nursery decided to name their very first introduction to commemorate the event and make it available here in the auction for the very first time. We love this plant and think it will be one everyone will need in their hosta gardens. Thanks, Andersons, for this great gift!
'Vermont Frost' is a small plant, with leaves that emerge white and begin to "speckle up" soon after. As the leaves age, they eventually become blue with white specks. Growth is fairly good, and the plant is truly one-of-a-kind. It's a sport of 'Ghost Spirit', which we also think is a great plant, without the solid-blue edge. A really cool little plant that reminds us of crisp August mornings in Vermont. Doesn't the photo just make you shiver with anticipation?

Sports'Frost Line' sport/gw