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Originator(s)Fumio Maekawa 1940/AHS 1993


Size categorylarge

Plant height x width55x100 cm (22x39 in.)

Leaf length x width25x18 cm (10x7 in.)

Vein pairs10-14

Leaf colorgreen





Scape height 


Flower length 


Flowering period 





InfoLarge glossy green deeply grooved leaves.
Pale lavender flowers on 48" scapes in July.
A very large glossy green, the best species.
Very large elongated heart-shaped green leaves and near white flowers.
Dark green, elongated heart-shaped leaves with prominent veins. The leaves are quite large and are held in an arching manner, forming a beautiful, dome-shaped plant. Pale lavender flowers. Large mound, green glossy smooth leaves, flowers above leaf mound.

Sports'Akita Nishiki' sport/os
'Amanogawa' sport/os
'Chirifu' sport/o
'Choko Nishiki' sport/yg
'Daihakuryu' sport/wg
'Fuji Nishiki' sport/yg
'Haru No Yume' sport/yg
'Harumitsu Nishiki' sport/yg
'Hatsuyuki Nishiki' sport/wg
'Hida-no-hana' sport/os
'Kinkanshoku' sport/gy
'Kogane Fuji' sport/os
'On Stage' sport/wg
'Shunko Nishiki' sport/yg
'Yae-no-oba' sport/gg
'Yellow River' sport or hybrid

Progeny'Abiqua Parasol' = sieboldiana 'Elegans' x PP
'Academy Blue Titan' = PP x sieboldiana 'Elegans'
'Alligator Shoes' = 'Dorothy Benedict' x PP
'Baja Sunset' hybrid
'Behemoth' seedling
'Bethel Big Leaf' seedling
'Big Boy' seedling
'Big Mo' seedling
'Big Sam' = PP x sieboldiana
'Brazen Hussy' = PP x 'Gold Regal'
'Crystal Glaze' seedling
'Cynthia' hybrid
'Devon Tor' seedling
'Donahue Piecrust' hybrid
'Dragon Wings' = PP x 'Fortunei'
'Dubuque Star' seedling
'Echigo Nishiki' = sieboldiana x PP
'Elata' hybrid
'Exotic Presentation' hybrid
'Fall Emerald' = PP x sieboldiana
'Falling Waters' = "seedling" x PP
'Fountain' = PP x sieboldiana
'Gay Nineties' = 'William Lachman' x PP
'Gosan Sigi Grey' = PP x 'Tokudama'
'Green Furrows' hybrid
'Green Machine' hybrid
'Green Nymph' hybrid
'Hatsushimo Seedling' hybrid
'Honey' hybrid
'Immense' = PP x 'Ibaraki-K'
'In Sook' = 'Dorothy Benedict' x PP
'Jay P. Warren' seedling
'Jealousy' = 'Dorothy Benedict' x PP
'Key Lime' hybrid
'King James' seedling
'Lakeside Cha Cha' = 'Fascination' x PP
'Lemon Chiffon' hybrid
'Mount Daisen' selection
'Mount Everest' = 'Sea Prize' x PP
'Peppermint Ice' = 'William Lachman' x PP
'Pewter Frost' = pycnophylla x PP
'Prince of Wales' = sieboldiana 'Elegans' x PP
'Rosie Posie' = 'William Lachman' x PP
'Salem' = 'Lucy's Breeder' x PP
'Sand Pebbles' = 'Reversed' x PP
'Shirobana Yushun' hybrid
'Silk Kimono' = 'Dorothy Benedict' x PP
'Smoothie' hybrid
'Stingray' = kikutii x PP
'Straka Gold' = 'Gold Regal' x PP
'Sunami' seedling
'Sweetness_' = PP x plantaginea
'Teacher's Pet' = 'Dorothy Benedict' x PP
'Tucker Blues' = PP x 'Fortunei Aureomarginata'
'Tucker Friendly Folk' = (x 'Wolcott') x PP
'Tucker Tommy Little' = (x 'Wolcott') x PP
'Unexpected Pleasure' = 'Dorothy Benedict' x PP
'Zager Green' = sieboldiana x PP