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Originator(s)Sam Jones 1989/AHS 1993

OriginTaehuksan Island,Chollanamdo prov.,Korea


Size categorysmall - medium

Plant height x width30x75 cm (12x30 in.)

Leaf length x width20x15 cm (8x6 in.)

Vein pairs5-9

Leaf colordark green


Leafshiny, smooth, thick



Scape height53 cm (21 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering periodAugust - September





InfoHeuksando hosta.
A Korean species collected by Barry Yinger.
Medium size hosta with rather narrow, medium green leaves of unusually heavy texture. Flowers pale lavender, held horizontally on the scape.
One of the most beautiful hostas in bloom.
Seedling grown, loaded with genetic potential!
Dark green above, light gray green below.
Thick, firm, with very heavy substance.
Spider shaped pale purple flowers in August. Fertile.
Shiny dark green, flat, small leaves. Nice purple spidery.
This species has shiny, dark green leaves; purple "spider-like" flowers late in season.
Long, glossy, dark green leaves with heavy substance. Recently discovered in Korea, this species is highly prized by hybridizers.
Unusual flowers are star-shaped, pale purple.
Small, dark shiny green leaves, smooth texture, thick substance.
Spidery purple flowers in late August.
Leathery mid-green; thick; polished; oval tapering to fine point; undulate.
Purple, lilac stripes flowers.

Sports'Gentle Spirit' sport/gw

Progeny'Because of Art' seedling
'Bedford Rise and Shine' = 'Little Wonder' x PP
'Blue Haired Lady' seedling
'Celtic Uplands' = ((x 'Swoosh') x 'John Wargo') x PP
'City Slicker' = 'Yellow Splash' x PP
'Class Act' = 'Paul's Glory' x PP
'Cosmic Blue' hybrid
'Crystal Chimes' seedling
'Gosan Leather Strap' = PP x (laevigata x longipes f. sparsa)
'Green Jeans' = ventricosa 'Aureomarginata' x PP
'Harpoon' = 'Swoosh' x PP
'Hongdo' seedling
'Irish Longlegs' = PP x 'Pineapple Poll'
'Jaz' = 'Sum and Substance' x PP
'Jetstream' seedling
'Kermit' hybrid
'Kiwi Leap Frog' = PP x rectifolia
'Korean Snow' seedling
'Lakeside Looking Glass' hybrid
'Lily Pad' hybrid
'Mirage' = 'Precisely' x PP
'Mystic Star' = PP x 'Dorset Blue'
'Old Coot' = 'Sum and Substance' x PP
'Old Yeller' = PP x 'Sun Power'
'Quill' = pycnophylla x PP
'Runaround Sue' seedling
'Short Fat Fanny' seedling
'Sun Catcher' = 'Ogon Tsushima' x PP
'Sunny Side Up' = 'Spritzer' x PP
'Swamp Thing' = (x "blue sieboldiana seedling") x PP
'Sweet Tater Pie' = 'Gold Scepter' x PP
'Terpsichore' hybrid
'Treasure Island' selection
'Whiskey Sour' = 'Ogon Tsushima' x PP