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Statusspecies hybrid

Originator(s)George Schmid/AHS 1993

OriginKorea:Taehuksan and Sohuksan island

Size categorymini - small

Plant height x width10x30 cm (4x12 in.)

Leaf length x width 

Vein pairs 

Leaf colordark green


Leafnarrow, shiny, wavy



Scape height 

Flowerpale lavender

Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly - August





InfoAlex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award 1996 (George Schmid).
The name of this species is derived from laevigatus=polished, referring to the smooth leaf surfaces. Extremely narrow, shiny dark green leaves with undulating margins.
A 4" tall, erect, spreading clump with shiny green leaves which are a lighter shade below. Ruffled and wavy with a contorted tip. Over 30 spidery flowers on each 2-3' scape.
A small plant with shiny narrow green leaves that have tightly ruffled margins, spidery flowers number over 30 on a 2-3' scape and are larger than H. yingeri. For hybridizing it has proven to pass on its ruffled leaves and spidery flowers.
A species from Korea, still relatively rare, with glossy green, lanceolate leaves with wavy edges.  Forms a small upright, vase-shaped plant.  Purple flowers.
Light green; wavy margin; narrowly lanceolate; erect to spreading.
This delightful new "species" was discovered in South Korea on Taehuksan Island, just west of the mainland. The stiff, narrow, wavy and glossy green leaves make a truly distinctive upright vase shaped 15" wide clump. As with H. yingeri, this new species has "spider-like" dark lavender flowers held much more spaced along the 3' tall scape. Personally, we think this will prove to be a hybrid between H. yingeri and H. jonesii, as H. laevigata is virtually self sterile.

Sports'Ray of Hope' sport/os

Progeny'All Aflutter' = (x 'Northern Heritage') x PP