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Originator(s)Cynthia Tompkins/Paul Hofer/Pete Ruh 1979

Origin'Fortunei' sport or hybrid

Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width60x140 cm (24x55 in.)

Leaf length x width25x20 cm (10x8 in.)

Vein pairs9-10

Leaf colorgreen,(yellow>creamy white) edge





Scape height75 cm (30 in.)


Flower length5 cm (2 in.)


Flowering periodJuly





Info='Fortunei Antioch'.
='Yellow Boy'.
='Golden Tiger'.
='Cynthia's Favorite'.
='Fortunei Aureo-marmorata'.
Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award 1984 (Peter Ruh).
Originated by Cynthia Tompkins (mother of Chet) at the old Wayside Gardens (1920s).
In the early 1980's Wayside Gardens had 1500 H. 'Antioch' and wholesaled half of them to Holland and half to England. Wayside did not send the name with the plants.
Eventually they became H. 'Moerheim and H. 'Spinners' [Malloy/Ruh].
There are several white edged sports of 'Fortunei' going under the name of 'Antioch'.
It is said that very wide borders that often encompass a green trident in the center of the leaf is a hallmark of the real 'Antioch'.
Differs from H. 'Fortunei Albomarginata' in its longer and more pointed leaves.
24" tall. Part sun to light shade. A dense plant. Green leaves with wide yellowish creamy white margins and light to dark green mottling. Pale lavender flowers.
Very large, green centered leaves with white edges.
A very popular hosta. 25 -75 % shade.
A well grown clump of this giant defies description... I'll try anyway. The wide white margins accent the leaf center featuring two shades of green. The wide spreading beauty to 5' is topped with pale lavender flowers in July... spectacular!
A beautiful mound of dark green leaves with creamy-white margins; lav. flowers.
One of the best white margined hostas. Margin color starts out yellow and turns white. A great showy hosta which holds it's leaves up individually so you can admire the cream to white irregular edge with the mat green center as it waterfalls down. Large leaves with tapered point. The irregular margin guarantes that no two leaves are alike! (Plant 36x20)
Mottled green leaves with a wide, irregular, creamy white edge. Lavender flowers.
If you haven't seen this plant you might assume from its description that it is just another white variegated Fortunei type - 'Silver Crown', 'North Hills', 'White Edge', and so on. They are all good plants and all just a bit different, but plant them all together and you can spot 'Antioch' from 30 feet. It has won multiple awards from the Hosta Society, and going back through my copies of the Journal, I could not find a year when it wasn't ranked highly on the popularity poll, right up there with all the expensive new introductions. I like 'Antioch' because it has an informal look to it, large pointed green leaves that arch nearly to the ground, with wide, irregular margins of creamy white. Each leaf is different, and a mature clump is really beautiful. Lavender flowers.
Light green mottling with wide edges of creamy white. Lavender flowers.
Winner of American Hosta Society Eunice Fisher Award and Alex J. Summer distinguished Merit Award 1984.
A spectacular hosta for an eye catching location. One of the best of the white margined series. Green leaves (10"x8") emerge in spring with a pale yellow irregular margin. During summer, this margin turns bright striking white. The white marbles through each leaf in a unique pattern. A multitude of leaves on a dome shaped clump. Improves with age. 20"x36". Blooms lavender. Shade to 3/4 sun. Growth rapid.
Medium-large, mottled light green centered leaves with wide edges of creamy-white.
Large leaves with tapered point. Near. white margins. Pale lavender flowers in July.

Sports'All Star' sport/os
'High Five' sport/os
'Ice Follies' sport/gw
'Jessica Lynn' sport/gy