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HostaAspen Gold


Originator(s)Vivian Grapes 1970/AHS 1986

Origin'Tokudama' seedling

Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width50x110 cm (20x43 in.)

Leaf length x width24x22 cm (9x9 in.)

Vein pairs16-17

Leaf colorchartreuse>golden yellow


Leafvery corrugated, thick



Scape height60 cm (24 in.)

Flowerpale lavender

Flower length4 cm (1.6 in.)


Flowering periodJune - July





Info24" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade
A very bright gold, medium size, cupped.
This Vivian Grapes hybrid was one of the first truly great gold hostas. The 5' wide clumps feature rounded chartreuse gold leaves that are heavily cupped and corrugated. The clumps are topped with white flowers in early summer.
Leaves are golden, very slightly tinged green, very cupped and puckered.
The gold leaves are round and cupped, very puckered, much like 'Love Pat'. Probably of tokudama lineage, this is one of the best of the newer golds. White flowers.
An excellent gold, heavily cupped, with good substance. One of the best golds. Lavender flowers.
Medium large plant, cupped gold leaves, crinkled and puckered, upright grower.
Chartreuse-yellow, mostly cupped; heavily rugose.This hosta is one of our earliest golds, blooming with white flowers in early summer. It needs a little shade to do well and have the best color. There is a very slight frost of green on the gold leaves. Van Wade regards it as having some of the most puckering between veins of any hosta he knows. It is known for its bloom and long lasting color.

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'Dawn Treader' sport/yg
'Hoosier Homecoming' sport/yw
'Millie's Memoirs' sport/gy
'On the Edge' sport/yg

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