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HostaBlue Dogwood

Statusnot registered

Originator(s)Ron Livingston


Size category 

Plant height x width50x100 cm (20x39 in.)

Leaf length x width 

Vein pairs14

Leaf color 





Scape height85 cm (33 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering period 





InfoFOoSF charter member Ron Livingston is perhaps the most talked-about of the new generation of hybridizers. His hosta creations are exotic and fresh, and have created quite a stir on the hosta scene in the past few years. Beginning with the debut of 'Atom Smasher' a few years ago, Ron's introductions have dazzled all who have seen them and he is likely to be one of the best-known hybridizers of the next decades. His plants have brought thunder in the online auctions, and after this auction, he is bound to become famed as much for his generosity as for his wonderful breeding work. In this and the next four items, Ron has donated double divisions of four new plants that have never been offered before. These plants are being cut for the very first time, and it may be some time before they are offered again. None are currently in TC.
The first of these offerings is 'Blue Dogwood', a stunningly beautiful piecrusted blue. Ron tells us it has great substance for a leaf that looks so fragile, white backs, and large numbers of interesting tubular flowers. The parentage involves the fast-growing 'Elvis Lives', and this plant is a strong grower as well. So, if that sounds as good to you as it does to us, don't be shy about bidding on this one. Somebody is going to get a really nice plant!


Progeny'Pebble Creek Doggone Nice' = PP x 'Lemon Ice'