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HostaBlue Hawaii


Originator(s)Olga Petryszyn 1999

Origin('Bengee' x 'Sagae') x 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa'

Size categorylarge

Plant height x width80x180 cm (31x71 in.)

Leaf length x width30x20 cm (12x8 in.)

Vein pairs11-13

Leaf colorblue-green


Leafthick, corrugated, tipped, a bit cupped



Scape height110 cm (43 in.)


Flower length3 cm (1.2 in.)


Flowering periodJuly - August





InfoIntensely blue-green, moderately corrugated, holds color well.
When I first saw this vigorous growing hosta in Olga Petryszyn's Indiana garden, I knew this was a winner. This stunning upright specimen made a 42" wide x 30" tall architectural clump of corrugated flat blue leaves. In our trials in NC, the blue color has held extremely well. In midsummer, the clump is topped with a 44" tall flower scape bearing white, lightly fragrant flowers.
Very vigorous blue hosta with an upright habit…can reach 30" tall. Leaves are nicely corrugated, but flat, and hold their color well throughout the season. Topped with pure white flowers in July that are held proportionally above the clump…fragrant flowers!
Like it's tropical waters, 'Blue Hawaii' boasts a rich and powdery sky blue color. It’s leaves have thick substance and are intensely glaucous on top and bottom. This tall Hosta reaches up, bringing the sky to the earth. 'Blue Hawaii' is the result of one of Olga's goals, to create a blue hosta that stays blue from early spring until mid August. Blooms heavily in July with mounds of white flowers. This is a very stately cultivar. Give her a special spot, away from overhead sun.