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HostaBlue Wedgwood


Originator(s)Eric Smith/Alex Summers/BHHS 1988

Origintardiflora x sieboldiana 'Elegans'

Size categorymedium

Plant height x width 

Leaf length x width19x14 cm (7x6 in.)

Vein pairs11-13

Leaf colorblue-green


Leafvery heavy



Scape height 

Flowerlavender, bell

Flower length 


Flowering period 





Info='Blue Wedgewood
TF2x9. 13" tall. Light Shade.
Wedge. shaped blue leaves. Heavy texture. Has leaves almost as wide as they are long. In early July it bears near. white flowers. Blue-green, round-cordate, cupped, rugose leaves, 6" x 5". 16" scapes with lavender flowers.
An upright medium size, intense blue.
This spectacular grey blue clump to 2' in width remains one of the most popular blue hostas. The wedge-shaped leaves serve as a nice backdrop for the soft lavender flowers in summer.
From England, it's name refers to the light blue color of Jasperware made by Wedgwood & Sons. Vigorous plant with chalky blue wedge-shaped leaves forms a neat dense mound. Gentle undulation and defined veining create interesting texture. Great for edging or groundcover. (Plant 24x14)
One of the best medium sized blues for use as an edger or groundcover. A tardiana hybrid with excellent metallic blue color, the wedge-shaped leaves have somewhat wavy edges, rather smooth and nicely veined. TF2X9. Pale lavender flowers.
Leaves are slug-resistant, deep blue and wedge-shaped. Soft lavender flowers.
TF2x9 Blue scale 2. It takes several years to mature.
Wedge-shaped foliage known for outstanding blue-green
foliage color and excellent slug resistance, good growth
rate, and lavendar flowers in late July

Sports'Punky' sport/yg
'Wedgwood Gold' sport/gy

Progeny'Ace of Spades' seedling
'On the Border' = 'Neat Splash' x PP
'Poker' = 'Neat Splash' x PP
'Zig Zag' = 'Neat Splash' x PP