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HostaClyde's Birthday

Statusnot registered

Originator(s)Herb Benedict

Origin'Dorothy Benedict' seedling

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InfoWhat is 'Clyde's Birthday'? Well it has a story to tell. In 1998 at the American Hosta Society Convention in Indianapolis, Clyde Crockett was recognized for his years of service to the hosta community as editor of The Hosta Journal by being presented with the Alex Summers Award, the highest honor the AHS has. (Photo is of Clyde just after his receiving the Award.) This occasion fell only a day or two after his birthday, and a celebration party was held for Clyde at his home in Indianapolis. Though needing a wheelchair, Herb Benedict himself showed up there, bringing with him a large streaked plant in a pot. In the pot was a hand-lettered label that read "Best Dorothy Benedict Seedling". He presented this plant, all there was of it, to his longtime friend Clyde, explaining that it truly was the best seedling he had ever grown from the plant that bears his wife Dorothy's name. On the spot he named it 'Clyde's Birthday' and handed it to Clyde. Clyde has decided that, in order to honor Herb's philosophy and lifetime of generosity, he will only make this plant available to worthy causes. Since 1998 this plant has only once been offered. That was in the auction help get the HostaLibrary started.

Sports'Blaue Zunge' sport/gg

Progeny'Princess Pat' = PP x 'Clyde's Birthday'