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HostaCracker Crumbs


Originator(s)Bob Solberg 2002

Origin'Shiny Penny' sport

Size categorymini

Plant height x width15x30 cm (6x12 in.)

Leaf length x width9x5 cm (4x2 in.)

Vein pairs4

Leaf coloryellow,dark green edge


Leafgood, a bit rippled, very shiny, a bit wavy


Scapeyellowish green

Scape height45 cm (18 in.)


Flower length5 cm (2 in.)


Flowering periodJuly - August





InfoLooking for a miniature hosta for that special spot in the garden or to jazz up a trough of other minis? 'Cracker Crumbs', introduced at the 2002 AHS Convention in Spokane, WA in June, has bright shiny, gold leaves with a shiny, dark margin that looks painted on. Like it's parent, 'Shiny Penny', the color becomes chartreuse, almost coppery in summer's heat. It has great substance and makes a tight, fast growing mound.
Nice lavender flowers in mid-summer...
This new mini is a sport of H. 'Shiny Penny': shiny leaves emerge bright
yellow-gold surrounded by a dark green margin that looks painted on. As the season progresses the color becomes chartreuse and then almost coppery and continues to darken until late summer. A superior grower with great substance and makes a tight clump topped with dark lavender flowers in midsummer.

Sports'Cracker Jack' sport/gy
'Ice Cube' sport/gw
'Plug Nickel' sport/gg

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