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HostaDorothy Benedict


Originator(s)Herb Benedict 1983

Origin'Frances Williams' selfed

Size categorylarge

Plant height x width60x120 cm (24x47 in.)

Leaf length x width36x28 cm (14x11 in.)

Vein pairs15

Leaf colorblue-green,streaked,chartreuse,cream

Variegationstreaked, unstable

Leafthick, very corrugated, cupped



Scape height 

Flowernear white

Flower length 


Flowering periodJune - July





Info=sieboldiana 'Dorothy Benedict'.
Streaked breeder:*****
Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award 2007 (Jim Wilkins).
Blue-green, streaked yellow, cordate, rugose.
One plant sold for $3,000.00 at the 1997 Indy Convention auction.
Leaves small, thick, cupped and puckered, glaucous blue with yellow streaking between the veins. A major breakthrough in hybridization as it was the first streaked hosta of H. sieboldiana lineage. Now a pod parent for a whole new line of streaked hostas.
We obtained our mother plant from Herb and Dorothy's Michigan gardens. Round, puckered leaves with random splashes of cream and gold. A double division brought $3000.00 at the 1997 National Convention. Seedlings produce high proportion of variegated plants.
'Dorothy Benedict', the gold standard of hybridizing plants, is a seedling from 'Frances Williams' that never grew very well. It was exciting to have a streaked sieboldiana, but the poor growth rate of most of "DB" seedlings dampened enthusiasm somewhat over the years [Bill Meyer].

Sports'Benedict's Blue' sport/bb
'Blu Dort' sport/bb
'Blue Form' sport/gg
'Bob the Builder' sport/bb
'Janet's Joy' sport/gg
'Lucky Fifty' sport/o
'Mean Mama' sport/yg
'Nifty Fifty' sport/gy

Progeny'A Big Splash' selfed
'A Many-splendored Thing' = PP x hypoleuca
'Alex' = PP x 'Elatior'
'Alice Blue Gown' seedling
'Alligator Shoes' = PP x montana
'American Gold Band' = PP x hypoleuca
'Anna Boynton' seedling
'Band of Gold' = PP x hypoleuca
'Bashful Polly' selfed
'Benedict Arnold' seedling
'Big and Blue' = PP x 'Blue Seer'
'Big Brass' = PP x montana f. macrophylla
'Big Fred' seedling
'Big Pizza Pie' = PP x 'Maekawa'
'Blast Off' = 'Mikado' x PP
'Blind Date' seedling
'Blue Belly' = (x 'Dorothy Benedict') x PP
'Blue Canopy' = PP x (x 'Dorothy Benedict')
'Blue Plover' seedling
'Blues in the Night' selfed
'Boston Harbormaster' seedling
'Brilliance' seedling
'Celestial' = PP x hypoleuca
'Chairman of the Board' = PP x 'Elatior'
'Chocolate Ripple' = 'Fudge Ripple' x PP
'Cinderella' selfed
'Clyde's Birthday' seedling
'Congratulations' = PP x (x 'Purple Verticulated Elf')
'Continental Divide' = PP x ('Elatior' x 'Niagara Falls')
'Cosmic Brother' = PP x (x 'Dorothy Benedict')
'Cosmic Hippie' = PP x (x 'Dorothy Benedict')
'Cosmic Kid' = PP x 'Cosmic Hippie'
'Cosmic Rainbow' = 'Cosmic Hippie' x PP
'Cosmic Sister' = PP x (x 'Dorothy Benedict')
'Cuyahoga' = PP x 'Swoosh'
'Dandy Randy' selfed
'Dazzling' = PP x 'Maekawa'
'Dean's List' seedling
'Dorothy's Child' = PP x 'Hot Flash'
'Earth, Wind, and Fire' seedling
'Edward Elslager' seedling
'Eggs Benedict' = PP x 'Incredible Hunk'
'Feathered Friend' seedling
'Feisty' seedling
'Final Answer' = PP x hypoleuca
'Frensham Airbrush Paints' = PP x (x yingeri)
'Geneva' seedling
'George W.' = PP x 'Incredible Hunk'
'Gil Jones' selfed
'Go Dorothy' seedling
'Gold Dorothy of Richland' hybrid
'Grace Like Rain' seedling
'Grand Maw JoAnn' hybrid
'Grand One' = 'Grandchild' x PP
'Grandchild' seedling
'Gunther' seedling
'Hanjas The One' seedling
'Heavenly Beginnings' = PP x 'Elatior'
'Herb Benedict' = PP x 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa'
'Hideko Gowen' selfed
'Hot Flash' selfed
'Huron Blue' hybrid
'In Sook' = PP x montana
'Jealousy' = PP x montana
'Jim Wilkins' selfed
'Ladies First' = PP x 'Frances Williams'
'Lickity Split' = PP x pycnophylla
'Looking Good' = PP x 'Shining Tot'
'Lovely to Behold' = PP x (x 'Dorothy Benedict')
'Lover's Leap' = PP x 'Nooner'
'Lumberjack' hybrid
'Ma Breeder' = (x 'Dorothy Benedict') x PP
'MacBenedict' hybrid
'Made from Scratch' seedling
'Mary Schwartzbauer' seedling
'Master of Ceremonies' = PP x 'Elatior'
'Miss Tokyo' = PP x montana 'Aureomarginata'
'Misty Mary Ann' = PP x (x 'Dorothy Benedict')
'Moonrise' seedling
'My Friend Nancy' = PP x montana 'Chirifu'
'My Love Dorothy' selfed
'My Mom' = PP x 'Fudge Ripple'
'Our Friend Reldon' seedling
'Outrageous' = PP x montana 'Aureomarginata'
'Plain Jane' seedling
'Pretty One' = PP x 'Dorset Clown'
'Rainbow Glenn' = PP x (x 'Outrageous')
'Red Hot Poker' = PP x (x 'Dorothy Benedict')
'Rod Kuenster' = PP x 'Blue Belly'
'Roller Coaster' = PP x hypoleuca
'Roseann Walter' seedling
'Ruby Benedict' = PP x 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa'
'Sails at Sunset' = PP x hypoleuca
'Seducer' selfed
'Silk Kimono' = PP x montana
'Simply Sharon' seedling
'Skyward' = PP x hypoleuca
'Song Sung Blues' = PP x 'Maekawa'
'Sportscaster' seedling
'Spring Break' = PP x (x 'Dorothy Benedict')
'Stan Kuk' = PP x 'Rippling Waves'
'Stand-up America' seedling
'Stellar by Starlight' = PP x hypoleuca
'Summer Palace' seedling
'Super Star' = PP x 'Maekawa'
'Surf and Turf' = PP x 'Incredible Hunk'
'Teacher's Pet' = PP x montana
'Two Ladies' = PP x 'Jean Harlow'
'Unexpected Pleasure' = PP x montana
'Van Wade' = PP x 'Northern Lights'
'Warwick Curtsey' = PP x nakaiana
'Wilson Lake' seedling
'Xanadu Contemplation' selfed
'Xanadu Odd Pod' seedling