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Originator(s)Minnie Klopping/AHS 1986

Origin'Fortunei' sport

Size categorymedium

Plant height x width 

Leaf length x width 

Vein pairs8,10

Leaf colordark green,white edge





Scape height 


Flower length 


Flowering period 





Info='Fortunei Francee'.
15" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
Nice dark green with a white edge. It's one of Brenda's favorites, and we have used a lot of it in our home gardens. Pale lavender flowers in early July. Dark green with a clean white margin. Veins are very raised below. Glaucous underneath. Lavender flowers.
One of the finest! This 3' clump of dark green leaves with a clear white border is the picture of a perfect hosta...vigorous, easy to grow, and simply gorgeous! The clump is topped with sturdy medium lavender flowers in early summer! 25 - 90 % shade.
Dark green heart-shaped leaves with white edges; lavender flowers.
One of the best fortunei type white margined Hosta around! A reliable variety that looks good no matter what the weather. Leaves are forest green, bright narrow and regular white margin. Neat and elegant mound. (Plant 36x24)
A fortunei type with dark green leaves with a narrow white edge.  Lavender flowers.
To read a short catalog description, you might think that 'Antioch' and 'Francee' were pretty much the same - green Fortunei types with white variegation. But they are totally different (well, as totally as two similar plants can be). 'Francee' is more upright and symmetrical, the leaves darker green with a neat, narrow white edge, a more formal and elegant plant. Like 'Antioch' it always rates highly on the popularity poll. Flowers are lavender.
Green heart-shaped leaves with narrow, clean white margins. Variegation holds up very well in full sun providing superb color contrast. Lavender flowers late July-mid-August. 24" scapes.
American Hosta Society Eunice Fisher Award.
Dark green edged in white make the heart-shaped leaves very pleasing. In 1979, Eunice Fisher proclaimed this to be "one of the nicest of the white-margined Fortunei types", and it still is. Eunice Fisher Award winner. Lavender flowers.
White margined plant with heart shaped leaf, makes nice mound of leaves, flowers lavendar in August.

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Progeny'Keuka Kiss' = PP x 'Francee'
'Milk and Sugar' seedling
'Sharp Dressed Man' seedling
'Tracy's Emerald Cup' hybrid