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HostaGinko Craig


Originator(s)Jack Craig/Alex Summers/AHS 1986


Size categorysmall - medium

Plant height x width 

Leaf length x width 

Vein pairs 

Leaf colorgreen,white edge





Scape height 


Flower length 


Flowering period 





Info='Ginkgo Graig'.
8" tall. Light Shade. 50 - 75 % shade.
Dark green, narrow leaves with brilliant white margins. It has dark lavender flowers which appear in late July. Long narrow deep green leaves with irregular white edging, as much white as green. Petioles are edged in white. Some leaves may be cupped.
Blue violet flowers over a long period.
Classic small border plant. Green, white margins.
This popular vigorous growing small clump to 20" wide has long lance-shaped green leaves with a very nice clear white edge... stalks of dark lavender flowers top the clump in late summer. H. 'Ginko Craig' is especially prized as a great border plant for woodland beds.
Green, lance-shaped leaves with white edge; fast growing with lavender flwrs.
This plant is useful for edging with low and neat with vigorous horizontal growth. Adjacent plants mesh, leaving no room or light for weeds. A very popular and versatile edger Hosta. Lanceolate dark grass-green leaves with a neat wide, white edge. Plant has two distinct leaf forms: a small juvenile leaf, with uniform margins by which it is known in most gardens, and a mature leaf, which is noticeably larger, with irregular, white undulate margins. Transition state is 4-6 years after planting. Juvenile form can be maintained by dividing. (Plant 10x4)
Pointed, lance shaped leaves of green, edged and streaked with white. Multiplies rapidly, excellent as a ground cover or edger. Purple flowers.
Short lance-like green leaves with sharp white border. Excellent for edging. Dark purple flowers in August.
Medium mound, moderately narrow leaf edged white, neat flat growing, excellent edger, purple flowers.

Sports'Green Smash' sport/gg
'Hi Ho Silver' sport/gw
'Honeysong Ginko' sport/gw
'Sarah Kennedy' sport/gw

Progeny'Academy Lothlórien' selfed
'Aces High' = 'Deane's Dream' x PP
'Atom Smasher' = PP x 'Chartreuse Wiggles'
'Buckwheat Honey' = PP x plantaginea
'Curly Top' = PP x plantaginea
'Fuchsia Frenzie' = PP x 'Harmony'
'Gosan Hildegarde' = 'Golden Prayers' x PP
'John Henry' = 'Formal Attire' x PP
'Lovely Loretta' = 'Sum and Substance' x PP
'Precisely' = PP x plantaginea
'Sparkling Burgundy' hybrid
'Sweet Marjorie' = PP x plantaginea