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HostaGold Edger


Originator(s)Paul Aden 1978

Origin'Blue Cadet' selfed

Size categorysmall - medium

Plant height x width18x28 cm (7x11 in.)

Leaf length x width9x7 cm (4x3 in.)

Vein pairs8

Leaf coloryellow





Scape height30 cm (12 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly - August





Info7" tall. Light Shade. 25 - 90 % shade.
Small gold heart. shaped leaves. Medium lavender flowers in June.
Heart shaped gold leaves. Heavy texture. Glaucous below.
Very dense and compact plant. White flowers. Fast grower.
Small, vigorous with round leaves.
A good landscape plant.
This vigorous growing hosta is often used as an edger for woodland beds. H. 'Gold Edger' makes a wonderful compact small mound to 2' wide, sporting chartreuse heart-shaped leaves and topped with lavender flowers on 24" scapes in late spring to early summer.
Heart-shaped yellow leaves of heavy substance; good for border or edging.
Small gold heart-shaped leaves. (Plant 12x8)
Forms a small, neat, dense mound of heart-shaped chartreuse to gold leaves. Lavender flowers. Multiplies rapidly, excellent for ground cover or edging.
Neat, rounded gold leaves. Lavender flowers. 18" scapes. Ideal for edging or ground cover.
The small round leaves of gold are quite showy. Abundant lavender flowers.
Massive flowers.

Sports'Bilben Little Atlantis' sport/o
'Cream Edger' sport/yw
'Easy Money' sport/yy
'Emerald Edger' sport/gg
'Forum Connector' sport/gy
'Frosted Waves' sport/wg
'Gold Edger Supreme' sport/gw
'Gold Edger Surprise' sport/gw
'Hawkeye' sport/gy
'Hawkeye Gold' sport/gy
'June Bug' sport/yg
'Kayleigh's Sunshine' sport/yy
'Olympic Edger' sport/yw
'Pacific Blue Edger' sport/gg
'Partridge Gold' sport/om
'Radiant Edger' sport/gy
'Shining Spirit' sport/o
'Timothy' sport/gy
'X-ray' sport/wg

Progeny'Yellow Fever' seedling