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HostaGold Regal


Originator(s)Paul Aden 1974


Size categorymedium - large

Plant height x width80x160 cm (31x63 in.)

Leaf length x width29x22 cm (11x9 in.)

Vein pairs14-16

Leaf colorchartreuse>golden yellow


Leafgood, corrugated, a bit wavy, a bit cupped



Scape height100 cm (39 in.)


Flower length 


Flowering periodJuly





Info24" tall. Light Shade. 50 - 75 % shade.
Bright, yellow/chartreuse leaves. Has the same habit as 'Krossa Regal', although not related. June brings medium lavender flowers. Dense compact plant with overlapping leaves. Green in early spring turning bright yellow. Pointed leaves. Veins deeply impressed above, raised below. Lavender flowers.
A very large dark yellow.
Upright grower, has a place in every garden.
This upright vase shaped chartreuse leaf hosta is similar in stature to H. 'Krossa Regal'. Large mature clumps to 36" wide of this specimen hosta are topped with sturdy tall spikes of purple flowers in early summer... a superb specimen!
Chartreuse-gold leaves with an upright growing habit, tolerates sunshine; purple flwrs.
Large gold leaves with good substance. Habit is upright and vase-shaped, similar to 'Krossa Regal'. Purple flowers.
Lovely upright form, leaves are an attractive chartreuse-gold. It will have an excellent gold coloring with half day sun. Lavender flowers.
Vase shape leaves of light gold, large plant, lavendar flowers.

Sports'Academy Lime Vuvuzela' sport/yyv
'Alex Summers' sport/gy
'Cloud Nine' sport/o
'David Reath' sport/gy
'Foxy' sport/yg
'Gold Regal Edge' sport/yw
'Independence Day' sport/gw
'Midwest Majesty' sport/o
'Misty Regal' sport/yg
'Old Ironsides' sport/yy
'Rascal' sport/yg
'Regal Eagle' sport/yg
'Regal Skies' sport/gg
'Rusty's Gold Regal' sport/gy
'Streaked Regal' sport/o
'Thanksgiving' sport/
'Ugly Ducking' sport/yw

Progeny'Big Dipper' seedling
'Blue Betty Lou' = 'True Blue' x PP
'Blue Lettuce' = PP x 'Blue Vision'
'Blue Regal' = PP x 'Blue Vision'
'Bluestone' = PP x 'Blue Bayou'
'Brazen Hussy' = montana x PP
'Cerulean Magic' = PP x 'Blue Vision'
'Citratini' = 'Shining Tot' x PP
'Cookie Monster' seedling
'Dixieland Delight' = ('Swoosh' x 'Green Fountain') x PP
'ElectroGlow' = PP x 'Halcyon'
'Emoticon' = PP x venusta
'Farewell Party' = PP x 'Mesa Fringe'
'Fort Knox' = PP x 'Aspen Gold'
'Gold Vision' = PP x 'Blue Vision'
'Golden Cascade' = PP x (x 'Gold Regal')
'Golden Eagle' hybrid
'Golden Teacup' = 'Aspen Gold' x PP
'Golden Torch' selfed
'Greenhead Badger Blue' seedling
'Heartache' = ventricosa 'Aureomarginata' x PP
'Herman's Pride' = PP x 'Sum and Substance'
'High Style' selfed
'Lady Liberty's Flame' = PP x 'Shade Fanfare'
'Lemon Twist' seedling
'Lemon Zest' = 'Shining Tot' x PP
'Lime Regal' = PP x 'Blue Vision'
'Limelighter' hybrid
'Limelighter's Glow' hybrid
'Little Big Man' = PP x venusta
'Mark Anthony' = (x 'Dorothy Benedict') x PP
'Peacock Feathers' = PP x 'Blue Vision'
'Pianissimo' = "'Dorothy Benedict' F-2" x PP
'Prairie Dawn' = PP x 'Blue Vision'
'Prairie Dazzler' = PP x 'Blue Vision'
'Prairie Fire' = PP x "Tokudama gold seedling"
'Purple Flush' = 'Halcyon' x PP
'Regal Tot' = PP x 'Shining Tot'
'Straka Gold' = PP x montana
'Ultraviolet Light' seedling
'Yankee Doodle Dandy' hybrid
'Yellow Highness' selfed